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Believe it or not there is a right way and a wrong way to use Twitter. Twitter is like a huge party where everyone is invited—Friends, Family, Business People, People we like, and People we do not like.

The best way to use Twitter is to use the “LIKE, KNOW and TRUST RULE”. Find people who we LIKE and share our interests and then get to KNOW and eventually TRUST them. It’s pretty much like LIFE is it not? We hang out with people we get to Like, Know and Trust and we tend to avoid the rest.

We should treat our followers and the people we choose to follow on Twitter just like we do the people we “Like, Know and Trust” in real life. The scammers, spammers, and unsavory types should be deleted, reported, and shunned on Twitter just like we do with the same people in emails, other Websites, and in Real Life.

Now, with that out of the way, let’s get on to business!

STEP 1: First all you want to open an account with Use your real name and a real picture. Most people will follow a real person, but not an obvious business. If you cannot be bothered to change the default picture, why would someone else think you are serious enough to bother following. The same logic applies to you when following others.

STEP 2: Search for and follow 10-20 people who share your desires and interests. Then follow them and the 10-20 of the people who follow each of them. Do NOT follow the people who your followers follow—those are people who share your follower’s interests and are not necessarily the same interests as yours. Follow the people who FOLLOW your followers. Just make sure they have changed their default picture and bio. Like I stated above, if people cannot even bother to change their default picture, they are not serious enough to get to know and follow anyway, right?

From my experience, about 20% of the people you follow will automatically follow you back within 24 hours. These are people who have proven that they will follow people, making it more likely that they will follow you back.

STEP 3: As a rule of thumb, follow 300 new people everyday. Start with the initial 10-20 of the first 300 people you started following on Day One who share your interests and then click on each one of them and follow 10-20 of the people following them. Do this everyday until you reach 300 new people you weren’t following the day before. A good place to find people with big lists of followers is

STEP 4: Next, I want you to do at least 25 @replies with people. Do this by refreshing your home page and finding an interesting tweet, reply to this tweet, and update the page. You can also @reply to people who have sent you direct messages (also called DMs) by clicking on the back-arrow <- to the right of their message to you. Make sure your @replies are positive, friendly, and sociable. Always try to end your reply with a question. This shows you are interested and stimulates conversation. Continue this process until you have made at least 25 @replies or more every single day. The reason for doing the @replies is so that Twitter sees that you are communicating with people and being social. You do not want your account suspended because you look like a spammer by adding hundreds of “follows” and not interacting with them. STEP 5: REPEAT STEPS 3 & 4 EVERYDAY. STEP 6: Every few days or so you want to go through your followers and deleted any that aren’t following you back. You can tell if they are not following you because you will not see the words “Direct Message” underneath their name on their homepage. You can use to help you ferret them out and delete them. STEP 7: Busting the 2000 Follower Barrier. Twitter limits you to 2000 followers until you have 2000 people following you. You should make sure you have been keeping current with your @replies, which I believe Twitter considers when ruling out spammers. To accomplish quickly the 2000 follower goal, you must make sure you are following the “If You Don’t Follow Me, I Won’t Follow You Rule”. If people do not follow us back, we delete them. After we get to 2000 followers, it does not matter and we will follow everyone back who follows us first as a courtesy. Well, there you have it! You should be able to go from zero to 2000 followers in about two weeks if you follow this simple plan. Just remember to be courteous, follow the “LIKE, KNOW and TRUST RULE” and above all—DO NOT SPAM! To Your Success Cody Moya

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