Analyzing Potential Profitability of Keywords – Analyzing Keyword Profits

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Pay per click advertising is a highly successful way to promote
your online business and increase your sales. However, like all
other internet marketing tactics, pay per click advertising
isn’t for everyone. For this reason, you may be wondering
whether or not pay per click advertising can help you. To
determine whether or not you can benefit from pay per click
advertising, you need to examine the profitability of keywords,
namely the keywords that you would choose to be associated with
your ads.

If this is your first time participating in a pay per click
program, you may be wondering about keywords, namely what they
are and what they are used for. When further examining pay per
click advertising, you will see that all advertisements are
associated with keywords. Those keywords are matched up with
keywords from various different online websites; the websites
that choose to participate in a pay per click program. These
keywords will also determine the amount of money that you will
have to pay for advertising.

When it comes to choosing your keywords, there are a number of
important factors that should be taken into consideration. Those
factors include relation and popularity. You will want to choose
keywords that are related to your online business or the
products that you are looking to sell. For popularity, you want
to choose keywords that are popular or ones that are actively
being used in search engines. These two factors will help to
ensure that your ads will not only be seen, but that they will
be seen by the right people, your targeted market.

Once you have determined what keywords you would like to use,
you can then use a program that is often referred to as a
keyword worth tool. One of these programs can be found by
visiting By
entering in the keywords or the keyword phrases of your choice,
you will be shown sample advertisements and how much they cost.
This tool will give you an accurate idea of how much you can
expect to pay for each keyword that you would like your
advertisements to be associated with.

As nice as it is to have an idea as to how much you would have
to pay for a particular keyword advertisement, you may also be
wondering if you can profit from that advertisement. To do
this, you will need to examine what you are trying to sell. If
you are trying to sell a particular product, you will want to
take the price of that product and subtract it from the
estimated keyword cost that you were given, when you used the
above mentioned tool or a similar one. If you are just
advertising your business in general, you will want to take your
average sale amounts and subtract them from the estimated cost
of your keywords.

When using the above mentioned formula to calculate the
profitability of a keyword advertisement, there are some
additional factors that should be taken into consideration. For
instance, the price of a keyword advertisement can change at any
given time. This means that the price you have to pay may
increase or decrease. It is also important to remember that not
all of your advertisement clicks result in a sale, but you will
still be charged for each click. To get a more accurate
estimate of profitability, it may be best to prepare for
non-clickers. In fact, you may want to assume that only five out
of ten clicks will result in a sale. This may help to give you a
more accurate estimate of the profits that you may see when
participating in a pay per click program.

Although it is best if you can profit from pay per click
advertising, you may still want to give it a try, even if you
feel that you cannot. With pay per click advertising, you are
able to limit the amount of money that you spend each day. Being
able to control the amount of money that you may lose is just
one of the many reasons why you should give pay per click
advertising a trial run.

Estimating the amount of money that you will have to pay
for advertisements, as well as your profits, is a great way to
determine whether or not pay per click advertising is for you.

To Your Success
Cody Moya

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The Benefits of Advertising on Craigslist

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Savvy businesspeople and Internet marketers who market on Craigslist are able to gain a great deal of benefits from this advertising option. Craigslist is an online community where users can exchange information, buy or sell items, seek jobs or even find friends or romantic partners. There are a number of benefits to advertising on Craigslist. Two of the most important benefits are the affordability and the ability to reach a large audience. This article will focus on these two benefits and will also offer advice on ensuring your advertising is not just reaching a large audience but is reaching your target audience.

The Price is Right

Consider the cost of advertising on Craigslist versus advertising on other websites and there is simply no comparison. The vast majority of Craigslist postings are available free of charge to those who use the website. Only a limited number of advertisements including job advertisements in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York and brokerage listings in New York are charged a fee for posting advertisements. Even these advertisers are only charged a nominal fee for their advertisements.

This means all commercial advertisements for products and services are posted free of charge. Affiliate marketing, which offers business owners the ability to only pay the affiliate when the advertisement generates web traffic, a sale or a lead is an excellent bargain but even that is no match for the free advertising offered on Craigslist. Advertising on Craigslist becomes even more financially appealing in comparison to other advertising option where the business owner is charged for each time the advertisement appears whether or not it results in a sale being made or even a lead generated.

Reaching a Large Audience with Craigslist

In addition to affordability another benefit to advertising on Craigslist is the potential to reach a large audience. Craigslist receives approximately four billion page views per month from approximately ten million website visitors. This is appealing because it allows users to reach a large audience with only minimal effort.

Craigslist already has a large following and many Internet users already turn to Craigslist for whatever they are looking for before searching other resources. Having such a large audience means half of the work is already done for advertisers. They already have high traffic to the website, now they just need to write an eye catching and engaging advertisement that will attract customers.

A Large Audience is Not Necessarily a Target Audience

Craigslist certainly has a large pre-existing fan base of regular users but this large audience does not necessarily ensure advertisers will have a target audience just waiting for them to post their advertisement. Craigslist is an extensive online community and finding members of the target audience is more important than reaching the entire community.

Business owners can certainly invest a great deal of time and effort placing their advertisement throughout the different sections of the website but this is not likely to be effective. Craigslist is divided into a number of different sections and categories for a specific reason. This is to make it easier for users to find the information they are seeking. For this reason business owners should focus on placing their advertisement in sections which are likely to be visited by members of the target audience. Additionally, placing advertisements in multiple sections may result in the moderators of Craigslist interpreting the advertisements as spam and deleting them. Whether the advertisements are deleted as spam or rendered ineffective they are not likely to convince members of the target audience to purchase products or services.

To Your Success
Cody Moya

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5 Simple and Easy Ways to Advertise Online

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Some people say that advertising is everything!

Regardless if you have a product, a service, a hobby website or just want to share pictures of your wedding, you have to advertise somehow to get the traffic to your site or blog.

But not all traffic is equal. There are services that can help you drive tons and tons of traffic to your site and it won’t do you any good at all because it’s not targeted traffic.

Take for example all of the many different ‘surf for traffic’ or ‘traffic clicking’ programs that are out there. If you have a website that is about your hobby, say model airplanes, then what good is this traffic really going to do you? Who’s using these services?

Webmasters and marketers that want traffic on their own site.
So they most likely won’t spend any more time on your page than is required by the little timer these services use and then they are gone again. Even if your site is about these traffic services (this is about the only time you will see very much benefit from using such a tool) you will still have to spend a ton of time just surfing and clicking around to get a real benefit from these programs. Once marketers realized this they switched gears. They started promoting all the different programs to a lot of other marketers to get them in their downlines, so they could get some traffic as a bonus. This became their new focus. The problem is that everyone else did exactly the same thing, so not a lot of people were surfing the internet anymore.

Bottom-line is this. You need targeted traffic. So here are some tips on how you can generate exactly the traffic you need and bring the visitors you want to your website without having to chase after them.

1. Content

What is your website about? Do you just have a page with a lot of links and not much else?

If this is the case, think about adding some content to your website that will be of value to any potential visitors. You could write articles or find articles at one of the many directories that you can reprint on your site.

2. Talk about your experiences in your subject matter.

You don’t have to put up some kind of resume (although that can work too), but rather try writing about what you are doing, as it relates to your topic of choice. Let’s look at the model airplanes again briefly, you could talk or write about the latest plane type you built, how the last time flying your plane went, what challenges you run into or perhaps even post some pictures of your plane or of you flying it.

3. Forums and bulletin boards.

You could add a forum or bulletin board to your website where your visitors can interact with each other. There are a lot of free services available out there that you can use to either remotely host a forum for you, or even software you can install on your website’s server. To find some of these, just head over to your favorite search engine and you will definitely find plenty to choose from.

And while you are visiting the search engine, why not run a search for any bulletin boards and forums that are already out there for your chosen topic? You could visit those and interact with the visitors there and since many allow you to post a signature or a profile, you could add a little line about your own site with a link (just check the rules of the forum first so you don’t violate any of them).

4. Start a blog.

Blogs are very popular and search engines love them because they provide constantly new and fresh content. Your blog would be a great place to talk about what you are up to that day.
So if you spent some time today buying new parts for your plane you could write about where you found them, how much they cost you, why you chose those parts, anything really goes.

The really great part about this is that you can point links from your blog back to your website, so when the search engine stops by to grab and index your latest content, it will also stop by your website and you will start seeing very targeted traffic heading your way.

5. Write articles.

Writing articles isn’t hard and can be a great source of fresh, new traffic to your website. There are a lot of ezines on any topic out there and there are also a lot of directories where you can share your article.

Basically, what you do is write an article and then add a small resource box that links back to your website (just like a signature) and then let other ezine publishers know that you are allowing them to print your article in their ezine. And many publishers go to the article directories to find new content for their newsletter and even their websites. And since there are websites and ezine newsletters on any imaginable topic out there, you can’t lose. Write an article every couple of days and post it in the directories (even one a week or every two weeks will start getting you traffic). Very soon you will find new traffic coming from search engines, newsletters and websites.

Best of all, these 5 simple tips will bring targeted traffic, meaning the visitors are coming to you because they are interested in what you wrote.

So there you have it, 5 easy and simple ways to advertise and drive traffic to your website at absolutely no cost.

To Your Success
Cody Moya

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Getting The Most From Free Manual Traffic Exchanges

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The traffic exchange industry is rather small in comparison to search engines and blogs however they are very effective if you know how to use them.

First let’s look at what a traffic exchange is.

Free manual traffic exchanges use a simple idea where you look at other members web pages in exchange they look at yours. It’s that simple however most people miss the deceptively powerful application of these services.

A traffic exchange in reality is a high speed, on demand, instant-on, full page classified traffic system where you can test your headlines, your copy, web colors and your business in extremely short order.

That sounds fine and you may or may not have ever used a manual traffic exchange but there are a couple of insiders techniques which through constant tracking and testing have shown how to effectively use them.

First off you must use a tabbed browser like Firefox where you can open 5 exchanges at a time and do you surfing. Remember that when you surf and look at other peoples pages they in turn are looking at yours.

Join the best five on the internet and you are half way there.
You can of course join more but only testing will tell you which ones are delivering a constant and steady flow of traffic from your surfing efforts.

Before you enter any URL into those traffic systems first create a special fast loading splash page. It should load within 2 – 10 seconds max.

What mechanisms you use in the splash page is important and should be targeted to your market and designed to collect leads. Yes I said leads. Most people who refuse to use the manual traffic exchanges complain mostly that they don’t work for them.

With some quick questions and answers you will find most of those say they don’t work did not use them for very long. Maybe a month or three but not much more.

This is their first mistake. You must use this tool everyday consistently and stay focused and dedicated to increasing your traffic everyday using the traffic exchanges. Using a tabbed browser you can easily create one thousand free visits to your splash page every day.

Don’t be lazy surf surf surf, use a lead capture page preferably a fast loading splash page.

Now back to the key ingredients.

1. Your photo. Don’t be shy! People do business with people not
web sites or programs. You want them to get to know you and
should want to get to know them so. This is called network

2. Your full name and phone number including the country and
area codes. You do want the prospects calling you for more
information so you can close the deals and get a new signup.

3. Use a headline that tells the biggest benefit to THEM! Use
the color red for headlines and blue for sub headings.

4. Use three or four bulleted list of the top benefits to them
when they join you or subscribe. In other words time is
short and time is money. Don’t waste mine. Don’t waste

5. Use a call to action like Get Started Right Away!

6. A BIG mistake is to use audio or video’s that immediately
start playing when the user opens the page. Many surfers may
be in an online conference and listening to training when
voice or music starts blearing in their ear! You just lost a
prospect. Those tactics may work with search engine traffic
but simply drive possible prospects running away from your
site as fast as their fingers will take them.

There you go. A quick guide to getting results from free manual traffic exchanges.

Using a splash page in the high speed digital classified arena called free manual traffic exchanges will absolutely produce real time leads the freshest you’ve ever had. Build you list faster! You will see increased traffic to your sites and build your downlines in those associated programs as well.

Ok, so now you have all the pieces put together, you now MUST put the machine in motion. This requires the labor, the putting the cheese on the hamburgers in your own burger stand. You want traffic for free? You want free hot fresh leads created and sent to your inbox in real time? You must surf daily!

Now if you only have an hour a day to surf then do it daily seven days a week without fail and you need to do it longer than 30 days. You must do this everyday for as long as air fills your lungs and you want the traffic to go to your page.

Consistency, dedication, focus, determination, persistence and the keeping to the daily schedule is the vital keys to using the manual traffic exchanges successfully to build your list and your business.

One great feature of the traffic exchanges is that a portion of your credits can be used for banner impressions on the individual networks you will be using. Unlike dedicated banner exchanges, the banner click through ratio’s from the traffic exchange systems tend to be higher and more responsive to what you are promoting.

Keep in mind that most people are in the free mentality that everything on the internet should be free and it should deliver buckets of money without lifting a finger.

This is not a professional approach to any business and simply will not work no matter what source of marketing you wish to use. The traffic exchanges can literally grown your business in less than a year and yes more income is the by product of this
combinations of ingredients used in this outline.

Offer something free to the visitors of your splash page for taking action right away. Offer a free to join program or download, perhaps a viral branded e-book?

The bottom line is that the free manual traffic exchanges indeed do perform well and deliver tangible results in short order but mostly they produce leads and assist you in branding yourself within the community of web surfers using the exchanges. If it didn’t work for you before it’s probably because you didn’t understand how to use them properly and how to get the results you were looking for.

Could be time for you to take another long look at it and give it a good honest effort for at least a year using these tips and you will probably never stop using traffic exchanges again.

To Your Success
Cody Moya

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Market Your Online Business For Less

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Business can get expensive. If you are like most people starting an online business you may quickly find your savings tapped and your credit cards maxed. That is, unless you know how to market your online business for free – or nearly free.

There are many ways to market your business, but not all methods deliver the same results to every business. While you learn your way around the online business world it makes sense to start with the cheap or free methods of marketing before spending a lot of money on a system that will not work for you.

Here are three methods for marketing your business for little or no cost. Some will work better than others and some will take longer to show results. Find out the costs as well as the Pros and Cons of each method.


Traffic exchanges are very popular for new online businesses. They can be free or charge a monthly fee. The way they work is that each member views other members websites, usually for a specified period of time, to build credits. Their sites will then be displayed to other members depending on the number of websites they have viewed.

PRO: Usually free. Lots of traffic quickly.
CON: Traffic is not targeted so usually works better for businesses that appeal to a wide audience. Viewing other members websites is time consuming.


Forums are online communities that discuss specific topics. There are forums (or discussion groups) on just about any topic you can think of. You can find these by doing a search for ‘forum’ and your topic. Or you can go to Google and search the Groups for your key word or phrase. Forums are usually free to join.

Most forums do not allow commercial solicitations. The focus is on exchanging information. Be prepared to add useful comments to the discussion and follow the posted rules. You may be allowed to attach a signature to your comments. Put your website in the signature to attract the search engine spiders and send visitors to your site. Develop a reputation as an expert on your topic and give free advice when possible to build credibility.

PRO: Targeted traffic. Builds credibility
CON: Have to be careful not to be labeled as “spam”. Must spend time answering questions and posting comments. Depending on where you post and what you say you may or may not see a lot of traffic initially.


Start your own newsletter right away. While this does not bring traffic to your site it does take advantage of the visitors who do come. The code for collecting emails can often be obtained from your host provider for free or an autoresponder service which is free or paid depending on your service.

Have a place for visitors to enter their email address and name. Send them a free report or email once a week with tips or news about your topic. This will permit you to build a relationship with prospects as well as grant you permission to contact them again with your offer. It often takes up to seven contacts before a prospect will buy, so don’t let them leave without getting their email!

PRO: Permits you to contact interested prospects again. Builds relationship with customers and potential customers.
CON: Effort is needed to provide quality information on a regular basis. Does not attract new visitors.

Each of the marketing strategies outlined above are proven to work. What works best for you and your business will depend on various factors such as; what your business is, what time you can spend marketing and what information you can provide. Start using two or all three of these methods and you will be creating a solid marketing foundation for your business.

To Your Success
Cody Moya

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Top 5 Ways to Market Your Online Business

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Marketing your online business can be a huge part of your budget especially when you’re first starting out. Finding ways to get your name in front of your customer that doesn’t cost a fortune will help you draw sales while you’re working on getting ranked in the search engines.

Below are the top five ways to market your business on the internet. The ideas listed are not only inexpensive but are highly effective as well. However, before you even consider using one of these strategies, there are two things you must first do.

The first is to write a formal marketing plan. If you’re getting close to opening your business, a marketing plan should already be done as part of your company’s business plan. However, it’s true that many who start online businesses fail to write a business plan. If this is the case, just be sure to at least get your marketing plan formalized before you start doing business. Getting your marketing plan thought through and documented is the minimum you should do for your business. When writing your marketing plan, consider the who, what, when, and how you will do your selling and get your brand in front of your customer. Then decide which of the following strategies you will implement in that plan and explain how you plan to carry out those strategies.

The other thing you need to consider is search engine optimization. It is essential to learn how to optimize your website so it will eventually get ranked in the top three search engines, Google, Yahoo, and MSN. The sooner you get started with optimizing your site, the faster it will get ranked. Until some of your pages are ranked in the search engines, your traffic will remain minimal. Consider investing in a book, ebook, ecourse, or program of some sort to learn how to optimize your site so you can use the information as you are building it and adding your content. Be sure you’re learning the most recent information because the rules change frequently.

Now on to the Top 5 Ways to Market Your Online Business.

1. Find Your Niche. Imagine trying to sell your product or service to the entire world. Consider the marketing budgets of companies like Coca-Cola and McDonalds, these are companies that are trying to appeal to everyone. Selling your product or service to a small but focused group of people will allow you the luxury of advertising to a smaller but more interested group of people. Since they are more interested, a higher percentage of the group will buy but you will have spent less money pursuing the smaller group. Once you are successful selling to one niche, if your product or service is appealing to another niche, you can create another website and repeat your success using the same strategies you used on the first website.

2. Link Exchanges. Exchanging links with other websites that have complimentary products or services will not only give you direct traffic from the link but it will also help you with your pursuit to get ranked in the search engines. At the time of this writing, Google is the most widely used search engine, and it’s widely known that they consider the number of links pointing to your website as part of the determination where to rank your website.

3. Write Articles. Writing articles with information that is interesting and useful for your niche market will help you gain traffic to your site. When writing an article, include a resource box at the end of the article that includes information about the author (that’s you) and a link to your website. Then distribute the article to article directories for other website owners to use on their site or in their newsletters and ezines. This does two things, you gain traffic when someone sees your article on another website and clicks your link and you get a link that points back to your site for the search engines to use to rank your site higher.

4. Using a Signature Line in Online Forums. This is a strategy that could be quite time consuming so don’t let it take up huge amounts of your time, however it is quite effective in drawing traffic to your website. Join forums and messageboards that are useful to your niche market and then become part of the community. When you make a post, be sure it’s useful and relevant to the information that is being discussed, then at the bottom of your post, sign-off with your name and little blurb about your company with a link to your website. These are often referred to as “sig lines”. Be sure to read the forum’s guidelines to be sure you’re using the proper etiquette in the forum and to be sure signature lines are allowed. If they are not allowed, do not use this strategy in that forum as it could cause you to be banned from that forum.

5. Start A Newsletter. Having a newsletter is one of the best ways to market to your customers and potential customers. You will need to have a service that will host your list and allow you to send your newsletter. Then you put a sign-up box on your website and your visitors will sign-up. Periodically, you decide how often, you send those who have signed up an email with information that is relevant to your niche. This information could be general info or it could be specifically about your product. To get your visitors to sign-up you can offer a special report, e-course, ebook or anything that would entice them to give you their email address. When you choose the service that will host your email list, be sure they do a double opt-in confirmation of those who subscribe, it’s now the law.

In this article we covered the top five ways to market your website and a couple of things you need to do before you ever even start. Now it’s time to get out there and implement some of these strategies.

To Your Success
Cody Moya

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Advertising on MySpace

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MySpace is an online community where users have the opportunity to create websites where others can view personal information about them and contact them. However, savvy Internet marketers have found MySpace can also be used to advertise products or service or for the purpose of self promotion. Care should be taken to review the terms of use on MySpace to ensure none of your actions are in violation of these terms but otherwise users can advertise either directly or indirectly on their MySpace website.

Why Advertising on MySpace is Effective

Advertising on MySpace can be effective as long as it is done correctly and not in a way that is viewed as spam. The effectiveness of MySpace stems from amount of users who are currently using MySpace. This includes both members who place comments as well as nonmembers who only look at other websites. With so many daily visitors it is likely there will be visitors who are interested in the products or services you are offering on your MySpace website.

Another reason why MySpace is such an effective advertising tool is there are no fees associated with using your MySpace profile to create links to your ecommerce website or to provide more information about the products and services you offer. The best way to effectively advertise on MySpace is to follow the same guidelines that would normally be followed by advertisers in online locations. This includes knowing who your target audience is and how to effectively appeal to them. This is important because a marketing campaign which does not follow these simple rules will not likely be effective.

In addition to advertising within a MySpace website there are also opportunities to advertise in the form of banner advertisements on MySpace. MySpace is able to not charge a fee to members because they generate their income through paid advertisements. Contact MySpace administrators directly to learn more about these advertising opportunities.

Selling Products on MySpace

MySpace can be also be used to advertise products or services. This can be done either subtly or blatantly. Those who are active participants on MySpace and invest time in meeting others and making friends are more likely to benefit from selling products or services through a MySpace account. This is because most people who use MySpace are not exactly looking for information about products or services so they are unlikely to seek out this information.

However, if they have online friends who are using their MySpace account to promote a product or service they may see the advertisements and find the products or services interesting. In this case they may visit a link to an ecommerce website and consider making a purchase. However, care should be taken when advertising online. Links to your ecommerce website on your own profile are acceptable but placing comments with the same link on other members’ websites will likely be considered spam by both the other members and the MySpace administrators.

Using MySpace for Self Promotion

In addition to selling products and services, MySpace websites can also be used for the purpose of self promotion. Models, actors and actresses, bands and other performers are all realizing the potential for self promotion which exists on MySpace. Members of the community can include everything which may be useful to those who wish to hire them in the future. For example, models can include professional photos while bands can have their music playing on the website for visitors to enjoy. With so many people visiting MySpace on a daily basis, it can be easy for members of the community to create quite a following for themselves.

Those on MySpace should also be aware that industry executives are now dedicating staff members to comb MySpace to try to find new talent on MySpace. In fact more than one major recording company has admitted to having interns spend hours each day on MySpace looking for exciting new artists.

To Your Success
Cody Moya

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Spending Your Advertising Dollars Wisely

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Are you chasing search engine traffic and pondering your options? Almost anyone on the internet these days would love to increase traffic to their website regardless of their “niche”.

Clearly search engines have the potential to deliver a steady flow of targeted traffic to your website. Listed below are several suggestions for efficient use of your money when it comes to getting traffic to your website.

Here are 3 basic areas to consider:

1. Placing some key targeted pages on the internet that are SEO optimized to draw traffic back to your primary website.

2. Using Google “pay per click” campaigns with your favorite suite of targeted keywords.

3. Placing carefully targeted content on your website homepage.

If you are working on a limited budget it may be best to consider Options #1 and #3 as your first choices. The pay per click traffic generators can get to be very expensive in a short time, and these will continue to cost you money while each campaign is active.

If your focus is on pay per click, be sure to spend adequate time and effort to research and generate a list of relevant and effective keywords. There are many tools for helping with this task available on the internet and once your campaign is launched you can start to monitor and test your conversions. If you are promoting your own product you can always reinvest your earnings to continue your campaign and grow your income.

Another option for drawing traffic to your website is based on the use of custom written articles and other targeted content. You can use your budget to have some unique articles written on your favorite key topics, but this can be very expensive and time consuming. Articles such as these can be submitted to article directories and published on other content hungry websites.

The best alternative for content may be that of Private Label website resources such Using PL content services, even on a limited budget, can easily provide thousands of articles that can be put to good work in drawing targeted traffic to your website. Imagine hundreds of new articles each month on a topic of your choice…articles that you can use just as if you had written them yourself! And of course PL content can be added directly to your own website or used in a variety of other ways for drawing traffic (blogs, newsletters, etc.).

This is just a glimpse of the power of content and other ways that can be used to draw traffic to your website. Be sure to explore your options and use your time and money wisely in the process.

To Your Success
Cody Moya

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How to Succeed with Google Adwords

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Google Adwords is the most sophisticated and popular pay-per-click advertising system on the internet. Unlike regular search engine listings, which are listed for free according to “relevance,” as defined by the particular search engine involved, Adwords are small text ads which usually appear to the right of the unpaid listings. Advertisers bid on specific “keywords”, which determines where the ad is displayed. However, unlike other search engines, where placement is completely determined by the amount of the bid, Google uses a complex calculation which also takes into the account the popularity of the ad as well. Thus, an ad which gets clicked on a lot can end up in a better position than one with a higher bid. That’s how Google rewards the ad for relevancy, so it pays to create an ad that will invite clicks.

Advertising with Adwords has many advantages. First, the ad is displayed immediately, as opposed to waiting for sites to show up in regular listings, which can take months. Second, they can be highly targeted, meaning you can make sure you’re only paying for clicks by customers who are sincerely interested. Third, Adwords allows you to run several ad campaigns simultaneously, so you can test the results and experiment on the fly to constantly improve the quality of the ads. You can even track the “conversion rate,” or the actual number of sales generated by a given ad. This is extremely precise marketing.

The first step is to come up with the best possible list of keywords. This is extremely important, because if you bid on the same ones everyone else is bidding on, you will end up with very expensive clicks. You can use any of the many keyword search tools available ( has a popular one) to determine which keywords have lots of searches but not too much competition. If you bid on enough low-cost keywords, you can do as well or better than if you had placed an expensive bid on a popular term. You can also place a limit on your budget, so that you can control how much your total expenditure is per month. You can also specify certain words you do not want included, so that you don’t attract a lot of clicks from people looking for something related that you don’t offer.

The ad itself consists of four lines: a title of no more than 25 characters, a description with two lines of up to 35 characters each, and a line for your url, also limited to 35 characters. The title is what really attracts attention. It should include the keyword you’re targeting, and should be as striking as possible so as to stand out from the crowd. If it’s truly attention-getting, it could end up getting more clicks than other, duller ads higher up on the page. Some suggest that it should be in all caps, and include a price if possible.

The description should include the major selling point of your product, and also include enough information to discourage clicks by unqualified customers. Make sure they know what you’re selling and what to expect, as well as what sets you apart from the competition.

Finally, make sure the URL listed takes them to the most relevant page in your site for what they’re looking for. Make sure the link is up to date and functioning correctly.

That’s it in a nutshell, although the nuances are quite a bit more complex than we can deal with here. Many resources are available on the net which go into greater detail. But now that you understand the basics, you should be armed with the information you need to explore one of the most potentially lucrative marketing tools on the internet.

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10 Easy Ways to Promote Your Website

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Promoting your website can be a daunting task: it feels like there are thousands of ways to do it, but all of them take a lot of time or money for no guaranteed return. To help solve this problem, I’ve compiled a list of ten easy ways to promote your website.

1. Advertise in the Media. Now, you might have already ruled out advertising in newspapers and the like as too expensive, especially since the chances are your audience doesn’t live in any specific local area. That mostly rules out radio, too, and TV is even more likely to be out of your reach. What you might not have realised, though, is that you should stop looking at the general media and start looking at the specialist media for your area. For example, if you run a house-buying website, you could advertise it in specialist property magazines, and even on ‘lifestyle’ cable channels that show programmes about moving home.

2. Write Your Web Address on Things. If your business has any physical objects, whether it’s a product, a carrier bag or just the front of your office, make sure to write your web address on there. Even if people don’t keep or remember the exact address, it at least lets them know that your website exists.

3. Give Out Leaflets. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of old-fashioned paper promotion: leaflet as many areas as you can. The chances are that your website is targeted to a specific demographic rather than an area, but the post office will be surprisingly helpful when it comes to getting your leaflets where they need to go, if you ask them.

4. Go to Specialist Events. If there’s some kind of trade fair for the industry your website is in, turn up to it and promote your website. While there might not be all that many people there, the ones who are there will be influential, and can get your site talked about.

5. Put it on Business Cards. It should go without saying, but once you’ve gone to all that trouble to set up a website, don’t forget to put it on your business cards. After all, if you’re relying on them to get people to phone you, why not give them the option of reading more about you on your website?

6. Astroturf on Forums. An often overlooked way of getting traffic to your website is to participate on forums related to the subject and put your web address in your signature. This gets you more traffic than you’d think, especially at very popular forums.

7. Create Controversy. A great trick to promote your website is to use it to say controversial things: as the saying goes, any publicity is good publicity. This works best if you say something that you know will be provocative to a certain kind of person, getting it linked from all over the place. Bear in mind, though, that this strategy is better for advertising-driven websites than it is if you’re trying to build a reputation and make sales directly.

8. Keep a Good Blog. While more and more businesses are starting blogs, few of them are doing it right. If you’re using your blog to publish product announcements in corporate-speak, it’s useless. You need to remember a simple mantra, ‘views not news’ – make sure your blog has something interesting to say.

9. Buy Search Engine Ads. Many people seem to think it’s some kind of admission of defeat, but search engine advertising can work very well, especially with keywords that aren’t already cluttered with ads. If you do it right, you can get very targeted ads very cheap – indeed, ironically, the more targeted the ads, the cheaper they tend to be.

10. Start an Affiliate Program. Finally, if you’re selling something, don’t forget that old standby of web marketing: the affiliate program. Offer visitors a cut of the profits if they can sell your products for you, and all of a sudden you’ve got a crack sales team raring to go. The only trouble with this plan is that everyone is doing it, so you’ll need to offer a high percentage of your profits to your affiliates to make the offer attractive to them.

To Your Success
Cody Moya

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