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Ok, so you want to blog do you? Great! There are some rules that you should know and take into consideration before and while you are creating your blog or blogging.

Etiquette to blogging? Of course, everything has a structure to it in order for it to be successful and not go haywire. Did you just think you could just post up random things online and that would be the end of it? Oh no, you are mistaken. Take a look at these rules every blogger should know and follow. Remember, just because you know the rules, doesn’t mean that you will follow them. Try hard to follow the rules and you will find that your blogging experience is a happy one, overall.

First your blog has to have a catchy title consisting of something that grabs the reader’s attention very quickly. You have to use words or titles that are not seen and used on a constant reoccurring basis. A title like “My First Date” may not get as many readers as “My First Date With My Soul Mate”. The point is to write about what people think about in the masses. If you think it is interesting, others will likely feel the same way. The title is of utmost importance, because it really will determine if someone wants to find out more and read your blog. If you have a teasing title, it will draw more people in. For instance, you can have a title that reads “How To Win The Man Of Your Dreams” and many single women will click on your blog to find out how to do it.

Second, use proper grammar and do not use the same words throughout your blog. Writers have a way with words and even the common blog must be able to explain or write about something and use words that make it interesting and hold the readers attention. It is one thing to have a catchy title but when someone starts to read your blog and it is boring you may not be able to get that reader back and you very well may receive a negative comment about what you posted, and who wants those?

Next, figure out your area of expertise when it comes to blogging. Blog about something you have personal knowledge, experience or an educated opinion about. The news media covered Terrell Owens’s alleged suicide attempt all day in September, which means plenty people were interested in the news. So, if you are a sports enthusiast and have knowledge on T.O.’s bizarre behavior, then you would blog about that and watch the responses fly.

If you can generate conversation with your blog you gain brownie points with your readers and have the potential to gain more readers. If you can get people who comment on your blog talking with each other, it is most likely they will come back for more.

After that it is very vital that you remain consistent with your blogs. Most people don’t understand that after you post a blog that is popular and people enjoy reading it, most times they return to see if any new blogs have been posted. In some ways you create or gain a “fan base”. The majority of people who read blogs don’t write them, they just enjoy reading other people’s thoughts and ideas, comments or suggestions.

The most important part of blogging is to prepare. Know what you are blogging about. If you have an opinion make sure that you have some basis behind it. If it is personal then make sure you incorporate your emotion so that the reader can understand and sympathize with what you are dealing with. Let them know you just want to blog to flat out make it interesting and don’t take up the readers time and the website’s space with foolishness. Follow these simple rules before and while you blog and your blogging career will be a fruitful one. Remember, those who blog without following the rules can still blog, but they will not be a blogging success in any way! Those who know what they need to do, and apply the rules and etiquette of blogging, will see great rewards in the number of readers they have, the amount of money their blog takes in, and more.

To Your Success
Cody Moya

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