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Many webmasters and business owners have asked themselves, “Do I need a blog? If I have a website, is it even necessary to blog as well?” To answer these questions, it is necessary to understand the similarities and differences of blogs and websites.

Beginning with the similarities, both websites and blogs can offer the webmasters similar marketing and advertising opportunities.

*Grab the Attention of Visitors: A website and a blog should both grab the attention of a visitor quickly. The opening statement should be strong and convince the visitor to read on. Neither a website or a blog should be to busy, or hard on a readers eyes.

*Google Adsense or Affiliate Marketing: Using both a blog and website for residual income from your visitors can become quite profitable. When visitors arrive at your site, if they click on any of the Google or Affiliate advertising, your website earns a commission. It is important that neither a website or blog is overloaded with these programs. Just the right amount can make the site or blog appear reputable. Google’s Adsense program is very user friendly and webmaster are able to customize the ad’s to the design of the website or blog. This includes text advertising and placing advertising within text. Many affiliate programs offer similar programs to Google, such as Commission Junction or Click Bank. The ad content can also be customized to the content of the site or blog.

*Links: Links are important in the world of blogging just as they are in marketing a website. Both websites and blogs Google Page Rank’s are partially based on their incoming and outgoing links. A successful blog should not only have a side bar that shows a list of “resources” or a “blogroll” of outbound quality links to other blogs. This is just the same for a quality website. Quality incoming and outgoing links are part of building a quality site.

*Article Marketing: Writing articles using the expertise about your product, service, or blog with back links and submitting them to article directories is an excellent way to gain exposure and traffic for both websites and blogs.

The key differences of blogs and websites are what will determine if you are a blogger and webmaster. It is possible that the benefits of a blog may suit you just fine. If you are the webmaster of a business, you will probably find that blogging is another marketing technique to add to increase exposure and sales.

*A website is generally for a product or service and has multiple pages.

*A website requires domain name registration and website hosting, this can get expensive and time consuming depending upon your experience.

*Free blog hosting services make it quick and easy for an Internet novice to begin blogging in a matter of minutes. Designing a website for a novice is a more difficult and possibly much more costly task.

*Blogs offer direct communication between the webmaster, or web staff, and the visitors. This can promote dialog and increase visitors.

*Blogs give a more personal appearance. By posting regular commentary or opinions the webmaster or writer is offering the visitor a real person behind the web page.

*Each blog entry gives new content to your blog. Search engines love new content. Regularly updated content is one of the best ways to increase your search ranking. It is a easier process to add and update your blog content than adding new content to your web page.

*A blog can be used as a marketing tool to generate business and traffic for a website. Blogs can be marketed in almost everyway a website can and more. This is because every blog is a website but not every website is a blog. The search engines will crawl the blogs like websites. Blogs can also be marketed in niche areas for blogs only. Last but not least, blogs are appearing all over the Internet. Networks are formed, blog rings are formed, and all of this is making it easier to market a blog.

There are similarities and differences of blogs and websites. If you are a writer focusing on commentary, journaling and opinion a blog is for you. If you are a webmaster wanting to optimize your profits, your blog should be one of your marketing tools.

To Your Success
Cody Moya

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