The Importance of Finding Your Market: How and Why You Absolutely MUST Research Your Market FIRST

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To create your own product, you must first start with a topic. This should be the
fun part of product creation. How do you choose a topic? That’s easy! First find
a hungry group of buyers and then find a topic that either solves a problem they
have or benefits them in some way.

Many info product creators will just start creating a product on a given topic, and
then, when the product is finished, they will look for buyers. Well, I’m here to tell
you that this is the wrong way of approaching info product creation.

Wouldn’t you be better off if you created a product specifically for an information
hungry audience? Even better, create a product for an audience hungry for
information who has money! That way, you would know that the buyers existed,
even before you put all that time into creating your info product.

If you approach the creation of your info product using this method, you will
GREATLY enhance the success of your product! By “success” I mean two
things: the profitability of your product as well as the name recognition of you as
the creator.

Let look at two examples:

Example 1

I know quite a bit about a specific subject. I decide to write an
ebook that focuses on the subject. So, I spend a few days to a few
weeks putting all of my knowledge into an ebook. When I’m done, I
decide to start working on my website. Now, I go to do some
research and I find that all of my keywords that are used throughout
my ebook have less than 1,000 searches done per month. Not only
that, but there are already over 20,000 sites that provide information
on this subject!

Oh no! Now what am I going to do? How will my new ebook
compete with over 20,000 sites to get those few people who
actually search on the subject each month? I do the best that I can
in optimizing my site for the search engines and I hope that I have
really high conversion rates.

Example 2

I know quite a bit about several subjects. I could easily put my
thoughts together into an ebook. To help me decide which subject I
should select, and how to focus my thoughts on that subject, I do
some research. I want to find a topic that has a number of people
who are interested in the topic. I want to make sure that those
people are actually willing to spend money to obtain that
information. I want to find unique ways of telling those people that I
provide the information they want and need through my ebook.

Now, I do a bunch of research and I find that there are over 100,000
searches per month done on my topic. There are still 20,000 sites
that provide information on this subject, but we are competing for
the attention of a much higher number of people.

Next I go to the pay-per-click search engines and check to see how
high the highest bid Is for the given keywords. The higher the bid,
the likelier that people are already making money in that niche,
which means that target audience consists of buyers.

Once my product is focused toward these people, I can easily
create a keyword optimized website to submit to the search engines
to sell my new ebook.

Can you see the subtle difference between the two examples? When you create
a product for a specific market, the probability of your success and profitability is
much higher. When you have to work in reverse, you are trying to create a
market for a specific product.

Unfortunately, unless you are operating a company that’s about the size of
Microsoft, you are not in a position to become a marketer mover. Until your
business is that big, you cannot create a market on your own. So, do yourself a
favor and create your product for the market instead.

To Your Success
Cody Moya

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Deciding the Nature of Your eZine

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When choosing a topic to publish your eZine on, you must consider some important success factors that can determine the flow and goal of your eZine.

You are encouraged to write non-time sensitive contents such as short tips, mini stories and interviews. Doing so enables you to create content in advance so that you can conveniently dispense to your subscribers at a later schedule.

Topic-wise, you will do well to cater to a starving market that will always be on demand for the kind of content you offer. And by this, I mean that you should zero in onto a demand that has been, is and will always be there.

Relationships and dating are niches that have been on Earth long before the World Wide Web came up, for example. The food niche will always be there as long as there are chefs cooking for anyone with a stomach to fill.

Having said that, you also want to have a steady stream of products or services of your own or an affiliate for you can endorse to your mailing list and make even more money.

This is also the reason why the Internet Marketing niche will remain one of the hottest niches there is, as products and services are created almost around the clock. As long as there Internet Businesses cropping out, there will always be needs to be fulfilled.

To Your Success
Cody Moya

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Using Forums in Article Marketing

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Wherever your business is, online or off, forums can benefit you. These benefits Take many forms for marketers. Forums can be a source of information on what the market needs an as a means of letting people know how that need can be met. You can post articles on forums, find tidbits of useful information for writing more articles and you can learn from others as well as teach them.

It is common for forum owners to allow members to post articles. Some even have special pboards set up for you to take advantage of this privelege. It’s there, use it.

You risk looking unprofessional and appearing desperate when you end up posting your article inappropriately. Take the time to read the particular procedure for each forum you post on. Not following rules exactly could cause you to be restricted from the forum.

Becoming active in your chosen forum is a good idea. Check to find out if you can post ads, links, articles or just information in your signature line. Whatever the rules, follow them.

To repeat, finding topics to write about within your area can be done on forums. By finding out what people want to know and then providing that information, you increase the chances of your article being read. You can find out what people want to know by conducting surveys or simply reading posts, both past and present.

There are forums on every topic if you take the time to find them. Google your chosen field and add the word forum to find out what is available. The sheer number of related forums may surprise you!

The Warrior Forum at is one of the most popular around. It has been in existence for greater than six years and do encourage members to post articles.

To Your Success
Cody Moya

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Five Follow-through Guidelines to Gain and Retain your Blog Readers

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If you are into blogging, you may need some motivation to keep it up. This will be what will retain your readers, and what will help you gain new ones. Some of the five most important guidelines for attracting more readers to your blog are as follows:

Advertise. This is one of the most important aspects of creating and retaining readers. No one will be able to visit your blog or participate in it if you do not advertise. You can submit your blog to directories and search engines, and you can exchange with other sites. In addition, you can use pay per click or banner ads to promote your site.

Post Intriguing Content. The content on your site should always make the reader think ‘wow I am glad I read that’. If you need help coming up with interesting enough content for your sites you may want to consider hiring a freelance writer who can do that work for you. The content on your site should be as unique as possible, and timely.

Never Give Up. This guideline is especially important if you are planning on trying to make money off of creating blogs. Remember that anything in life that you do requires large amounts of time and patience. You will need to make sure you keep going, and persevere through the tough times. You will soon make an income once you find the right subjects to write about, and to include on your site.

Make Your Blog Fun. Blogging should not just be a mundane task that you need to do. You are entitled to enjoy it. If you do not enjoy blog writing it may be the wrong kind of work for you. However, if you enjoy it you will want to make each entry as fun and as conversational as possible. You want to be able to reach as many readers as possible, and have as much fund doing it. Making your blog fun can also mean adding graphics, colors, games, video, or audio to your site. This can be for entertainment purposes or for educational purposes.

Use Keywords. You can either just use your best judgment or use a variety of keyword suggestion tools out there at your disposal. If you place the right keywords on your site you will be able to attract visitors to your site who will be searching for it using those keywords you chose. The keywords should be as specific as possible and still be able to bring you as much traffic as possible if you are attempting to make money off of blogs.

You can read other articles similar to this to help you with other aspects of blogging as well. In brief, all blog entries should be short and to the point and they should be grammatically correct. In addition they should be as mentioned above, intriguing and unique.

There are many ways to make sure that the content of your site is unique at all times, and timely. One way is to hire a professional writer to complete the articles for you. Another way is to add feeds to the pages of your site, which will allow for the content on your site to change in as little time as 15 minutes.

Blogs can be written about a variety of different purposes. Some are written for business, and some are written for fun. Others are written to help promote various political or religious ideologies. Sometimes freelance writers use blogs to promote their services or to use as a creative writing tool.

For those that are first time bloggers, you will be interested to know that free blogging software is available on the Internet. This software is web-based and to use it you need not to know advance languages such as HTML. You can find many quick blogs that have ads build in them for only a few dollars each as well.

If you want to see what blogs look like, you can view sample ones of any subject matter. You can search for them by using your web browser. Blogs have been created to address nearly every topic imaginable from sports, to cooking, to sewing, to crafts, and so on.

To Your Success
Cody Moya

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Copywriting Demand

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Within this article on copywriting demand, we will look at how much work there is out there for someone who wants to do freelance copywriting as well as the demand for copywriters as a profession.

Copywriting demand will always be strong. Demand will always be strong whether the economy is strong or weak. In past decades, it was easy to get away with a strong product and some marketing. With the emergence of globalization, there is a greater deal of competition in all markets and the way to stand apart is through marketing. For many consumers, the only way to be able to discern the differences between competing products is through the marketing. This ensures that copywriters are needed. Any good company which wants to send a consistent message to a target audience will always be employing copywriters. Some companies not looking ahead to the future may cut their advertising budget when they hit weak sales but that is not a smart move. If a recession comes along, demand may go down by a small margin for copywriters but it would pick right back up when the economy turned around.

There is always need for copywriters so no matter what happens within the country, companies will want to make sure that they have copywriters to work for them. There is a growing demand for copywriters in one particular forum and that would be on the Internet. With the Web up past four billion web pages, the demand for search engine copywriting has continued to increase. It is harder to get your web site indexed and search engine copywriting give you a better chance of being indexed. To do this, the search engine copywriters must write well to ensure that two audiences, the people searching and the search bots, are appeased so this provides more opportunities.

If you are looking into copywriting, there are a great many opportunities within this field. You can work for an advertising agency or you can decide to work for yourself. Many jobs are available all over the country for copywriters and you will find that this copywriting demand will stay at about the same pace and continue to grow with the pace of the economy. If you go out to the website,, you will find that there are currently more than 500 jobs are available for copywriters. This is just a small piece of the job market. There are many other ways that you can find copywriting jobs currently at this time. This should give you an idea of how there is demand for copywriters.

Hopefully this article on copywriting demand will help you out. If you are a copywriter, you should find that no matter the condition of the economy, you will always find work. Even when the economy is in a recession, some companies’ sales are increasing and they may have a need for more copywriting work. With the demand of the whole market, you should always find yourself needed by someone. Good luck in finding a copywriting job but you will find that this is something that will often not be needed because of copywriting demand.

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Back End Affiliate Marketing

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Within affiliate marketing, everyone involved in the
program will benefit. Each time the affiliate refers
a visitor to the website of the merchant, he will earn
income. On the other end, the merchant will produce
sales without spending a lot of money for advertising
and promotion.

With the goal being to earn more income, both the
affiliate and the merchant should be considering the
practice of back end selling in their business. Back
selling is a great and well known support for affiliate
marketing, as it can greatly comment the income that
is produced from affiliate marketing.

Back end selling is the selling that’s conducted after
the inital sale. When a visitor becomes a paying
customer for a product, another product can then be
advertised and sold to the exact same customer, with
the second product being called the back end product.

Now, the customer will already be aquainted with
the merchant or affiliate, meaning that is already
a level of trust between them. Therefore, selling
the back end product may actually be easier than the
initial sale.

For many years, back end selling has helped boost
sales for both online businesses and land bound
companies. If the customer is happy with the initial
product that was purchased, he’ll logically assume
that the online company is offering quality products
and will come back again.

The normal technique with back end selling is to
make the customer aware of other products, as these
products can cater to other needs that the customer
may have. When the customer becomes aware of
the second or back end products, he will look into
it and may make a purchase.

The technique of back end selling has been both
known and proven to be very powerful in augmenting
the income of many companies. Therefore, back end
selling has made hundreds of online companies
flourish and expand. If you use it correctly,
it can work very well with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing will attract many new customers
and lead to the initial sale, while back end
selling will build loyalty among the buyers. To
put it in other terms, back end selling is a major
ingredient in creating a winning formula in
affiliate marketing.

Each and every affiliate should look into the
financial promise of back end selling when it’s
coupled with affiliate marketing. The two of
these can make the affiliate earn an amazing amount
of income.

To Your Success
Cody Moya

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The Advantages of Adsense For Search

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Adsense for search provides publishers with the opportunity to provide a search tool through their website. The search tool provides results which contain adwords adverts, and therefore publishers can generate revenues.

The effectiveness of this tool for publishers comes in its functionality for website visitors. Those who have browsed resources on a website may return to Google to complete a search. If this resource is contained within a website they are currently on, then they are likely to use the publisher’s website for search, and therefore the publisher can receive returns.

Publishers often claim that having a search tool within their website is a good way to generate Adsense revenues without the concern of diminishing their brand. In the way that a company who sells a product would not want a rival provider having an adsense advert within their website, they will not feel that this disadvantage is relevant. The advantages of adsense for search also lies in the space that it occupies on screen. The results are displayed on a separate page, so publishers do not feel that they are sacrificing space where Adsense would previously appear.

The tool may also lead to visitors selecting the given website as their homepage. If the website contains relevant resources, and still has the functionality associated with Google then the website has broader general appeal. Those who are visiting the website for the first time, and realising it will not satisfy their needs may still use the websites search function.

Adsense publishers often state that they receive less per Click Through with Search. Although this is the case surfers are more likely to be targeted towards adverts than with Google Adsense. If a visitor has have changed the item or topic they wish to search for, and isn’t compelled by the adverts; they can still find what they are looking for as the publisher earns a percentage.

It is also a good tool as publishers can allow their site to be searched using the same technology. Therefore surfers are more likely to also find the resources within the publisher’s website that they require.

Google has a lesser database of advertisers for Adsense through the selectiveness of advertisers. The search toolbar provides results which include advertisers that do not want to appear in Adsense for content.

Google for search is also used by large market leading websites where this is rare with adsense. Companies who provide a service or sell a product are more regularly opting to incorporate the search toolbar into their website whilst not feeling that it depreciates their brand.

In fact; many businesses actually feel as though their brand is strengthened through it’s alignment with the Google logo. Other’s who choose not to use the Google logo, may benefit from the customers assumption that the search technology used belongs to the website they are on, and therefore further benefits are reaped by the publisher.

As adsense is plagued with click fraud, the same is less likely to happen with search. Click Fraud would require the person or persons committing the crime to follow realistic searches, and to avoid any suspicious behaviour. This could be particularly hard, and with less revenue per click those committing click fraud are likely to stay away from search all together.

To Your Success
Cody Moya

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How to Build a Content-Rich Site

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In order for your attempts to optimize your search engine rankings to be successful, you will need to turn your whole website into a type of billboard. You have to put keywords in every place they can be used efficiently. This is the most effective way for you to increase your visibility online. The greater the number of people searching for what you sell, the more customers you are apt to get. Keywords aren’t going to do the job alone. If they would, you could simply list every keyword you come up with and people would flock to your site. But what are they going to see when they arrive at your site? If it’s just keywords in a list, they’ll leave. That’s why it’s essential that you create a site that is both noticeable and content-rich.

The internet is all about information. Regardless of what else people want, they are searching the web for information of one type or another. With this in mind, it is your job as the online marketer and business owner to create a site full of information that will not only bring customers to your site, but make them stay there long enough for you to get their business. If information is all you are providing, a content-rich site is even more important. If the content is lousy, people won’t be back.

The best methods of making your site content-rich consist of a great deal of writing. Writing articles that will inform and entertain readers is one way. These articles need to be related to your target customer’s interests. The greater the number of short articles you write concerning the many varied aspects of the focus of your site, the more effective they will be. Adding news information will increase the site’s content richness. Information concerning some new aspect of the market will increase the value of your site. Something as simple as an interview, special report, or product descriptions will make your content better.

The last thing to keep in mind is that your content must be updated often. The same old information will become boring, so you need to keep adding new information to keep it fresh. Since keywords are what get the most notice, the more content you have, the more chances you will have to include those essential keywords. When you update your content, be certain to add in as many keywords as possible to that content. It’s all about getting attention and making a profit, and keywords and content are the methods that will help you get where you want to be.

To Your Success
Cody Moya

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Ways of Selling Info Products Online

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There are several different methods that you can follow when finding products to
sell online:

1. You can develop (or have others develop for you) the info products you are
going to sell; or
2. You can purchase private label rights to products developed by others and
modify them to sell as your own; or
3. You can locate info products in the public domain (more on this later) and
package them for resale; or
4. You can locate info products already created by others and purchase resale or
master resale; or
5. You can locate info products created by other people and sell them through
affiliate programs.

Actually, my preferred method combines several of these models. But, let’s not
get ahead of ourselves right now. When you are just starting out, one of your
biggest obstacles will be to stay focused. For this reason, you will want to pick
only one model and follow it as closely as possible, at least in the beginning.
Later on, you can try your hand at mixing up the methods to really maximize your

One way of making money online is by publishing your own info products. Now,
the way in which you accomplish this can be through items 1, 2 or 3 above. But,
you can drastically change the profitability of your own info product by adding in
components from item 4 or 5 above.

To create your own product, you must first start with a topic. This should be the
fun part of product creation. How do you choose a topic? That’s easy! First find
a hungry group of buyers and then find a topic that either solves a problem they
have or benefits them in some way.

Until you are certain that you have a HUNGRY group of buyers who HAVE
MONEY and are interested in either solving a problem or who see a benefit in
your product, don’t even consider moving forward with your info product.

To Your Success
Cody Moya

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Publishing Your eZine – the Cons

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As with any other types of businesses, publishing your own online newsletter a.k.a. eZine has its share of drawbacks, in spite of the several benefits it offer.

The purpose of this article is not to scare you away with the disadvantages of publishing your own eZine, as the benefits are often more attractive. However, I will also show you how you can easily tackle the cons.

One obvious challenge most beginning eZine publishers face is the creation of eZine content. Creating your own content can be tiresome, especially if you are not a gifted writer and that you run out of ideas every so often that your publishing schedule is threatening you.

A way of taking care of this problem is to create your content in advance. You can compile 30 days worth of content in one day, for example. If you are not blessed with writing skills, you can broker the writing task to capable freelance writers which you can find at places such as or While you need to pay for such services, you are at liberty to take the credit for written articles.

Alternatively, you can republish articles from article directories such as This is a free method you can use in making content, provided you include the resource box of the original author and that the article has republishing rights conveyed.

In conclusion, you can easily tackle the content creation challenge using the mentioned methods that do not require writing on your part, free or paid.

To Your Success
Cody Moya

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