Internet Marketing For Beginners

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If you are new to internet marketing, do not believe the lies of easy money. If you want to succeed at internet marketing you will need to learn the basics and be prepared to work at it. There is a lot to do if you want to succeed, but it is worth the effort.

You need to:

Discover how to build a website, or know enough to make sure that your web designer builds an effective website for you.

Learn the basics of search engine optimization so that people can actually find your site.

Invest in an auto responder service and learn how to use it effectively. Automated email delivery is a must.

If you want to succeed online, you need to learn the basics and do all the necessary research first. Before you begin building a web presence, you need to do keyword research and identify a profitable niche. Then you need to research your target market and discover what they actually want and need. This is a very important step, don’t produce something and then try to find a target market, that is a recipe for failure.

This is all much easier than it seems, you can easily do a Google search and find excellent free step by step how to information.

Resist the temptation to jump in at the deep end, take time to learn about the tools and strategies you need to succeed online. You don’t have to learn them all at once, take one step at a time and do as much as you plan.

There are many different ways to get started with internet marketing and you will see thousands of offers that insist that you must have what they are offering to succeed. Ask yourself whether you really do need them or whether they are simply a distraction. You need to focus.

If you are in a hurry to get started, you could use tools like Squidoo and Hubpages while you are getting your website ready. Squidoo and Hubpages both enable you to create simple focused web pages around a single topic. They are free and very easy to use.

You can easily add products to these pages and weave in affiliate links. It is an effective no cost way to get started with earning money online while you are learning. They are probably the simplest way to get started on online if you are a beginner.

Here are the steps again:


Do keyword research

Identify a profitable niche

Do market research

Try out your ideas on Squidoo and Hubpages

Learn basic internet marketing skills

Master basic SEO skills

Create an effective web site

You can succeed at internet marketing if you are prepared to learn the basics and take action. Take your first steps today. Identify what you need to do, make a plan and take focused action every day.

To Your Success
Cody Moya

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Targeted Traffic

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All website owners know that you must have traffic to generate sales. However, not just any traffic will do. The best is targeted traffic.

Targeted traffic involves enticing visitors to your site who are actually interested in the content of your website. If people are interested in buying tropical fish they will find websites about buying tropical fish interesting.

There are a number of methods for obtaining targeted traffic.

Forums – If you are an active participant in a forum you can obtain targeted traffic through the link to your website that you are usually allowed to add to the signature. If you spam you are likely to get banned. However, if you add value by joining in debates and answering questions you may even come to be known as an expert. If others like your style, the quality of your posts or even the promotional text in your signature you can generate targeted traffic that doesn’t cost you anything.

Reciprocal Linking – For most product websites there are usually many other related websites which aren’t direct competitors. You can contact the owners of these websites to ask for a reciprocal link. While a number of them will simply ignore your request, you will start to build up some useful links over time. Again, this can provide a source of targeted traffic.

E-zines – E-zines are ideal because the readership is targeted. Nevertheless, not all e-zine advertisements result in a good conversion rate so it is best to start slowly with a new e-zine to see it is worth the investment. If you do get good conversions then you can ramp up the amount of advertising with that particular e-zine.

Newsletters – As well as using other web owners e-zines, you should consider starting your own newsletter. In this way, you can build up your own list of targeted people and when the size of the list grows you can start selling your own advertising as well.

E-books – People like to receive things for free. You can give away e-books which contain useful information and are valued (and read). The trick is to include links back to your site. If the information is really useful, the books tend to be passed on from one person to another creating a viral effect.

Joint ventures – Successful internet marketers are always on the look-out for new opportunities. If you have a good product which converts well, don’t be shy in contacting them to offer a joint venture. You only need a few well-connected partners to see a large expansion in your traffic.

PPC – Pay per click will cost you money, but it is the quickest way to get targeted traffic. If you write your ads well and select your keywords carefully making sure to include negative keywords, such as ‘free’, you can end up with a positive return on investment. Of course, if you choose poorly you can burn through a lot of cash quickly.

By applying a number of these techniques you can increase your level of targeted traffic which, in turn, can increase the profitability of your website.

To Your Success
Cody Moya

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3 Things Gurus Never Tell You About Traffic Generation

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Everyone knows the importance of traffic to your website. Due to this, there are tons of techniques being taught about traffic generation, some of which cost money while others are free. But when you’re first starting out in Internet Marketing, money is often in short supply. This means using more free traffic generation techniques than paid ones. Again, there is a plethora of free traffic generation techniques taught online. But in each of these techniques, there is a certain twist or two that the gurus don’t disclose. It’s in these twists that real money is made.

Everyone who has been in Internet Marketing for any length of time knows that one of the most popular free traffic generation tactics is writing articles. Every guru teaches you to write keyword-centric articles in a properly chosen niche and submit them to article directories. This is a tremendously effective technique that creates backlinks to your website. The effects are basically two-fold. Firstly, your website increases in Page Rank and propels up the search engines and secondly, the articles you wrote also gets indexed by the search engines thus providing another way for people to find your website. All this is well and good and has become common knowledge. But here’s the twist to this technique.

Instead of only submitting your articles to article directories, it is more effective to submit them to website or newsletter owners in the same niche. Offer your articles to them for free and request that they publish them. Chances are high that they will if your articles have good content, thus giving you lots of article exposure to targeted readers. This is more pro-active than submitting articles to directories.

Next is the forum marketing technique, another popular free traffic generation method. Every guru teaches you to scour the forums in your niche and make comments, ask questions, offer solutions and attach a link to your website in your signature file. Once again, this is a great tactic to generate backlinks which will ultimately draw traffic to your website. Here’s the twist to this tactic that most gurus don’t teach.

When you join a forum in your niche, take time to read every category therein. Get to know the problems faced or questions people ask in each category. Compile these problems and questions and create a report with solutions and offer this for free to the forum members. Inside this report you put links to your website or blog. Once again, this is a far more effective method of generating traffic than just making a comment or two in forums.

Lastly, there are the free social bookmarking sites that can be used to generate traffic. What gurus teach you to do is to bookmark your webpages or your articles in article directories so that they get linked by social bookmarking sites like Digg or Stumble Upon. Here’s how to tweak this strategy.

Instead of just bookmarking your webpages or blogposts etc, look at what’s highly ranked in the social bookmarking sites first. Search for something related to your niche and if found, then write an article for your blog and bookmark it. Then go to the existing highly ranked post and add a comment to it that includes a link to your blog. That way, you get another quality backlink to your site and draw the visitors reading the highly ranked post to your website or blog. Hopefully, they will vote for your article, too thus pushing your post up the social bookmarking site’s favorite list.

These are the little tricks about free traffic generation that the gurus hardly teach you in their coaching lessons but they use these themselves to earn the big bucks. Now you can do the same.

To Your Success
Cody Moya

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6 Hot Tips For Using Google AdSense

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What is AdSense? A program run by Google providing ads to be placed on your websites or blogs (you are called a publisher). When an AdSense ad is clicked by a visitor to your site, you get paid. AdSense is an easy way to monetize your blog. The ads are contextual, meaning they are relevant to the content of your site. The ads are provided by advertisers using Google’s AdWords program.

Hot Tip Number 1 – Just Do It

All you need to get started is a website or blog with interesting content and a regular flow of traffic. Then you can get started. Google needs you. You have traffic coming to your site and they want a piece of your action. So, open an AdSense account with Google. It’s free, easy to apply and essential to your business partnership with Google. You are only allowed to have one account. Go to:- and click on the big “Sign Up Now” button.

There is no complicated software to install. If you know how to cut and paste simple code into your website you can use AdSense.

Hot Tip Number 2 – Comply

Read the Google Terms of Service (TOS) carefully. It’s important to understand the service guidelines and your responsibilities. Basically, the do’s and don’t’s of using AdSense. Find Google’s AdSense TOS (by country) here:-

Hot Tip Number 3 – Don’t Get Banned

Your AdSense income could become very important to you, so be very careful not to do anything to get your account banned. Of course, when you have read the TOS you’ll understand more, but put very simply here are some points to remember:-

- never click the ads on your own sites
- follow the guidelines about the number and type of ads you can have on your page
- follow the guidelines about placement of the ads, e.g., you can’t place an Adsense ad on a page without content, like a registration page or a page under construction
- remember that you can’t tell visitors to click on the ads
- you can’t entice visitors to click on the ads
- you can’t make any changes to the code generated by Google
- you can’t use other contextual ad providers on the same page as AdSense
- any automated method of ad clicking is banned

The aim is for your real visitors to click on ads which genuinely interest them.

Hot Tip Number 4 – Use All The Options Google Provides

There is more to AdSense that you might think. The available formats are:-
- AdSense for Content
- Text Ads – various styles and shapes to fit the available “real estate” n your site. Ads “above the fold” (viewable without scrolling) often get more clicks.
- Image Ads – not as popular as text ads. You could try them out and see how they work for your site.
- Link units – like a list – in both vertical or horizontal formats.

- AdSense ads in RSS feeds – giving your subscribers another chance to click on an ad. Recently FeedBurner was acquired by Google. You must migrate your RSS feeds to Google to use this service.

- New – YouTube video with ads – providing both contextual content and ads in one go – you need to link your YouTube account with Google AdSense to use this service.

- AdSense for Search – you create a custom search engine – probably offering the most control over what your visitors can view.
- you decide how it looks (you can add your own logo and graphics)
- you decide what sites it searches
- you get paid when someone clicks on an ad

Use all the ad formats Google will allow. You can use 3 ad units, 2 AdSense for Search boxes and 1 link unit per page.

Hot Tip Number 5 – Use Channels

Google provides channels as a way of tracking your AdSense income ad by ad. When you create an ad you can assign it a channel name. This helps you to determine which ads are making you the most money and gives you the chance to “fine tune” your ads to increase their click through rate (CTR) by seeing which ad formats, placement and colors are being clicked on most often.

Hot Tip Number 6 – Ad Design

Match the colors of your ads to the colors of your site. This means you can get the ads to blend in with your other content, so it’s not so obvious that it’s an ad. The words “ads by Google” will still appear.

Select a background color to match your sites’ background, make the ad border disappear by choosing the same color. Select the title and text colors to match the heading and text colors used in your web pages. You can get exact matches by using hexadecimal color codes. Though if you color choice doesn’t provide enough contrast you may find Google will ignore your exact colors. What about the URL? The most recognized color for a clickable link is blue. So, don’t fight the habits of millions of people, use blue.

While using these Hot Tips will improve your AdSense income, it’s also vital to realize the quality of your sites content and the traffic volume are huge factors in establishing a viable AdSense income stream.

To Your Success
Cody Moya

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Simple Steps to Creating an Ebook

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Ebooks can be a great source of internet income if you find a hot topic to write about. There are so many niches to write your ebook about that finding a subject should not be hard. The hardest part for some people is breaking down the whole process into small steps.

After you have chosen the topic to write your ebook about then make a rough outline about what you want the book to be about. Make each item in the outline one chapter, or group them into chapters. Then go through and make a very rough draft.

Where most people get stuck in writing an ebook, is trying to make it perfect the first time through. Your primary aim at this step is to just write and get a very rough copy done.

If you worry about every typo as you go along, it will take you forever. Just keep writing until you have a rough draft done.

Once you have the rough draft done, which is the hardest part, now go back and edit it for the final draft.

Once you have the final draft you can move onto making a minisite to sell the book, and have graphics created for it. A minisite is just a few pages for your sales letter to go on. For the sales letter simply write about what is in the book and how it will solve people’s problems. As you write the sales letter try to think of objections people will have as they read the letter and try to answer them in the letter, or have a frequently asked questions page.

Have some nice graphics done for your ebook, a simple cover image should cost less than $30 dollars, but has been proven to increase sales.

The next step is to recruit affiliates to sell the book. Affiliates promote your book for you in return for a small commission. The best place to recruit affiliates is through ClickBank which is the largest seller of ebooks on the internet.

It is also a good idea to promote the ebook yourself as well. You can do this for free by using article marketing, and free press releases. Once you have some money coming in you can buy some ads as well.

Writing an ebook does not have to be an overwhelming process. Just break it down into small manageable steps and you will get it done.

To Your Success
Cody Moya

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How To Protect Your Affiliate Commission

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Affiliate marketers have a constant worry about commissions being stolen by some lazy person out there who doesn’t want to work. In some marketing circles, it is a widely held belief that this is an easy task that just takes a few keystrokes to accomplish.

Let’s examine the fallacy in that assumption. It is very easy for someone to change the hop=your ID to hop=their ID. There is no arguing with that. After having clicked the Order Now button, the prospective purchaser will be taken to the checkout page. At the very bottom of the page, under the Terms of Sale and under the Click Bank copyright, the original affiliate ID is still displayed. This doesn’t change just because the hop link has been changed. The appearance of this ID can’t be changed. That means that the commission for the original and rightful marketer is securely protected.

The hop=value does not set the affiliate cookie. This necessary cookie is set when the link is clicked. That means that the hop=value can be changed and it will have no effect on the cookie.

Since the commissions are protected from this type of theft, are there other ways that the affiliate commissions can be stolen? There are two major areas of concern and, even though there is a real possibility of loss, there really is not much that can be done to stop them.

If the affiliate link is on the sales page, the unethical customer can see the Affiliates link and obtain their own link and buy through that link. Yes, it is considered bad form to buy from your own link; however, there is very little that can be done to stop it. Multiple PayPal accounts and email accounts guarantee the theft’s anonymity.

Malware or Adware is capable of replacing genuine affiliate cookies. By substituting their own data, the legitimate affiliate marketer once again misses out on the sale.

Why do people continue to cloak their links. The simple answer is to make them look more professional. That is quite an acceptable reason. All marketers want their business to be perceived as first class and professional. The small things go a long way to reinforce this perception. Appearances are considered to be an area of importance.

But there is no reason to spend huge amounts of money on software to do this cloaking. You can easily do the same thing with a redirect page. Or check out free affiliate link cloaking software programs on Google.

To Your Success
Cody Moya

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Use Article Marketing To Promote Your Business

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If you think you can’t write your own articles – think again. Writing articles is easy once you realize that you do not have to write essays and know that your English teacher isn’t watching over your shoulder.

Once you decide to use articles to help promote your business, keep a notebook with you and start jotting down ideas as they occur. If you don’t you will find that you forget your great ideas just a few minutes later. Don’t think that you will remember, your ideas will likely be lost to you forever.

Once you start listing what you know that other people would like to know, you will begin to realize that you have expertise that is worth sharing.

Everybody is an expert at something. You are the expert on your business; it’s your area of expertise, and you know a lot about it.

If you are stuck for how to get started with writing articles to promote your business try answering these questions.

What questions are you always being asked?

Write out your answers for the most frequently asked questions and you will have the foundation for many articles.

Begin by writing out the question, then write a few lines that sum up your answer. Once you’ve done that you can expand on your points. Add in an example, or a relevant quote and you will have a good enough article.

What do people want to know the most?

Once you identify the most searched for information, use the internet to research further facts and figures and you will have the material for a series of articles around that theme. It is always easier to write a series of articles; once you get started, the words will begin to flow, and you will find that you get ideas for more articles as you write.

Are there foundational processes that you could write a how to guide for?

A how to article is probably the easiest article to write. You could begin by creating a working title and deciding what your reader will be equipped to do when they finish reading your article.

Next, simply list the steps in order and then flesh out each of those steps with the details.

Do you begin to see how easy this is? The only thing that can stop you from getting started with writing articles is thinking that you can’t do it.

Article marketing works. Now that you know how easy it is and that you can do it, what is stopping you getting started on drafting your first article?

You can write articles. Use simple language, just write as you talk and let the words flow. Don’t censor as you write, you can make changes later. Now, go and write some articles and see for yourself just how easy this can be. The rewards are worth the effort.

To Your Success
Cody Moya

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The Problem with Internet Marketing Newbies

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Internet Marketing newbies are those who form the largest portion of those who fail to make a living on the internet. This article is to help newbies not only survive but succeed and ultimately make a living online. If you are a newbie, chances are, these characteristics describe you.

You dream of making a lavish, full-time income on the internet, mostly on autopilot. This allows you the freedom to live the kind of lifestyle you desire without financial worries.

You are on many, many lists. Every internet marketing guru has your name and email address on their lists. As a result, you get bombarded with at least 100 emails from these guys everyday.

You are on the internet everyday trying to figure out how to run a successful online business. You probably learn new things almost daily. You are constantly watching videos, listening to audios or reading e-books learning the newest money-making system on the internet.

You buy more info-products, software, scripts, systems, ‘how-to’ methods etc than you actually use. As a result, you have tons of PLR, MRR and RR e-books, the latest software and scripts, memberships to all sorts of programs that promise to be the silver bullet that answers the basic question, “What Must I Do To Succeed On The Internet?” sitting in your hard drive gathering virtual dust.

The combined effect of these characteristics is information overload and analysis paralysis. In other words, you hardly take any action based on what you already know or have in hand. You may think this article is irrelevant to you because you do take action. If that is so then why are you not succeeding beyond your wildest dreams? And why is there such a high failure rate (some say as high as 95%) among internet marketers?

The reason is that ‘take action’ is far more than just putting up a webpage, setting up your autoresponder, writing some articles, bidding on keywords in Adwords, advertising on Craigslist or even creating your own product. All these are necessary but the way to big bucks online is far more than that. Here’s what to do:

Firstly, reduce the number of lists you’re on. Do not worry about losing out on the latest information. You already have enough information to put yourself on the path to success if you just use whatever you’ve got now instead of perpetually reading, studying and learning the so-called latest method in internet marketing. Do you think the gurus got to where they are by constantly reading e-books without doing actual marketing?

Secondly, spend your time such that it gives maximum returns everyday. Reading e-books, watching videos and listening to podcasts are good but they don’t make you any money in itself (not to mention it takes half a day for some videos to download). Website design and creating graphics do not make you money by itself. All these activities are essential but if you spend too much time on them, you drastically minimize your income potential. You must proportion your time wisely between that which actually makes you money and that which does not.

Thirdly, focus on taking action, one step at a time. Every internet marketing project involves roughly the same steps. Find a profitable niche, identify keywords, create your own or find an affiliate product, create your website with a lead-capture form, drive traffic and track your progress. Thereafter, build a relationship with those who subscribe to your list through a series of emails. Do not merely shove offer after offer down their throats but be personal and give good tips and contents that would benefit your subscribers.

Most internet marketing gurus say that making money on the internet is not rocket science. Actually, it’s true. The steps above are simple but if done regularly, will produce results sooner or later. It sure beats all the hit-and-miss efforts that so many newbies make, that result in ultimate failure. Online success comes by doing the right things the right way.

To Your Success
Cody Moya

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Create a Rss Feed – More Free Traffic to Your Static Web Pages P2

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Static web pages and Adsense template sites created without the assistance of the robust traffic generation methods of a word press blog can still play with the big boys. However, it will take some work to generate the kinds of traffic that a word press blog can generate. One traffic generation method is to create a rss feed, manually, for your site and syndicate it. In part 1, you learned how to create a really simple syndication feed, a rss feed, for your static pages and Adsense template sites and upload it to your site.

Now you will need to edit your home page to link directly to your rss page. The optional use of a rss icon of your choice will help your readers easily find your feed. Copy and paste the code below for linking from your home page to your rss page. Add the code to your home page where you want the link to your rss feed to appear.

Xa href=”http://www.FULL-URL-TO-FEED.rss”YXimg src=”http://www.FULL-URL-TO-ICON-USED”border=”0″ width=”SIZE” height=”SIZE”YX/aY

Do not forget to upload your icon to your site folder. If you decide not to use an icon with your rss feed, then use the code below:

Xa href=”http://www.FULL-URL-TO-FEED.rss”YGET RSS FEED HERE X/aY

That is it. The information this far has shown you how to create your own rss feed for all your static and Adsense template web pages. You should now have your rss feed uploaded to your site and it should be accessible to your visitors from your home page. Not difficult at all.

A couple of points to mention:
1) Try to use only 10-12 items in your rss feeds. The point is to generate interest and traffic back to your site, not to bombard the readers with everything you have on your site, at least not all at once.
2) Keep your rss feed up to date by editing the code with your latest content. Use the code below to insert the new item below the close language tag and above the last updated item in your feed.

XlinkY http://www.YOURSITENAMEHERE X/linkY

Remove the last item from the bottom of your feed if it puts the 10-12 item limit. Remember to replace all the capitalized text in the code with your own information.

Now that you have your feed set up on your site, start submitting your feed to feed directories. Here are a few to get you started:

You can add images and other features such as ads into your feeds as well. For these and other more advanced techniques, just do a Google search for rss feed and this should bring up an abundance of information. If you want more rss feed directories, a simple Google search will help as well.

Creating a rss feed for your static web pages and Adsense template sites is simple once you know the process. Submitting your feed to feed directories about once a month will help to increase traffic to your site. Now it will be easier than ever to get traffic to your static html and Adsense template sites. Go ahead, create your rss feed now and let the traffic flow.

To Your Success
Cody Moya

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What is error code c0fe1701 or C0FE1800?

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With the error code C0FE1701 or C0FE1800 just wait a few hours more before trying.

AOL is having a temporary outage at the moment where users can’t login and are getting a c0fe1701 error code.

Problem is causing massive loops backs on the mail servers including mine.

If you have AOL account and you did not get email from me – this is why

To Your Success
Cody Moya

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