The Importance of Search Engine Optimization in Internet Niche Marketing

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The importance of search engine optimization (SEO) cannot be overlooked in the Internet niche marketing industry. This is because SEO is one of the most crucial elements of any successful Internet niche marketing strategy. This article will examine how SEO can increase traffic to a niche website and will discuss some of the strategies which can be used to optimize a website for particular keywords.

Increased Traffic through Search Engine Optimization

SEO is critical to the success of any Internet niche marketing campaign because it is one of the best ways website owners can increase traffic to their website. Search engines are used regularly by Internet users who are looking for more information on a particular subject. Internet users enter keywords to these niche subjects and visit the websites which rank well on the search engines. The Internet is a fast paced research tools and those who use the Internet expect results quickly. Your niche website may be filled with quality content, useful resources and helpful advice but if you do not optimize your website properly you many not receive the traffic your website warrants. If your website isn’t on the first or second page of search results it is unlikely many users will even see the link to your website.

In light of the propensity of Internet users to visit websites with high ranking search results it stands to reason that optimizing a website is absolutely necessary. Owners of niche websites who are successful recognize this fact and make concerted efforts to achieve high search engine rankings.

Using Keywords to Optimize a Niche Website

The Internet is driven by content and in this content driven world, savvy use of keywords is critical. Websites are typically designed for particular keywords. These keywords are words or phrases which Internet users will think of when they are looking for more information on products or services offered by the niche website.

Keyword density is one of the components which is often used to optimize a website. Keyword density refers to the number of times a particular word or phrase is used in relation to the total number of words in the article. This ratio is usually expressed as a percentage. Although there is no set keyword density that is guaranteed to produce optimal results but many successful Internet marketing strategies utilize keyword densities ranging from 2%-7%.

Using Inbound Links to Optimize a Niche Website

Inbound links are another tool Internet marketers can use to optimize their website for search engines. Inbound links are links from one website which refer visitors to the niche website. Search engines place value on these links because they are essentially one website vouching for the validity of another website. The ideal situation for an inbound link is from a website which complements the original website without being in direct competition with the website. An example of this may be a link to a resume writing service placed on the website for a corporate recruiter.

How Images Can Contribute to Search Engine Optimization

Images can also contribute to the search engine rankings of a website. This is one fact which is not commonly known by those who only casually dabble in the world of SEO. However, those who are savvy realize images, although not visible to search engines, can still contribute to a successful SEO campaign for a niche website. While images themselves are not visible to search engines, ALT tags are visible to search engines. It is through these ALT tags that website owners can allow their images to contribute to their search engine rankings. ALT tags are pieces of HTML code which describe the image. These tags are often visible to the website visitor when they move their mouse over the image. The text contained within the ALT tag may become visible at this time but otherwise visitors would be unaware they are even implemented.

To Your Success
Cody Moya

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Strategies for Internet Niche Marketing

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The basic strategies of Internet niche marketing really do not vary drastically from the basic strategies used to market offline. In both cases the bottom line is the investor needs to develop a strategy for reaching a target audience and then entice members of this audience to perform a desired action. Sometimes this action is purchasing a product or service while other times it may simply be viewing a website, clicking on an advertisement or performing another specific action.

Driving Traffic to a Website

For many Internet marketers the first step in their marketing strategy is to drive traffic to their website. One of the most effective ways to do this is through search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is a practice in which websites are designed and content for these websites is written in a manner which makes search engines believe the website is valuable to visitors searching for particular keywords. The relevance of optimizing a website for particular keywords is that visitors who search for these terms are likely members of the target audience.

Each search engine uses a unique algorithm to determine the worth of particular websites relevant to keywords and returns results ranking these websites accordingly. This is significant because Internet users are categorically looking for information quickly. They also tend to rely on search engines to rank websites accurately and are much more likely to visit websites which are on the first page of results when they search for a particular word or phrase. Websites which fall on the second page may be visited but those further on the list are not likely to generate much traffic through search engine results. Search engine algorithms consider a number of factors when ranking websites. Some of these factors include keyword density, META tags, ALT tags, keyword prominence, inbound links and previous traffic. SEO is a complicated process with no guarantees for success. Many who profit from increased traffic to their websites are wise to employ consultants to properly optimize their websites.

SEO is not the only way to drive traffic to a particular website. Another popular option is to actively participate in trade related forums. These are communities where those who share particular interests congregate to share ideas, ask questions or just chat. Providing insightful commentary on these message boards and including a link to your website in your signature is one way an individual can drive additional traffic to his website. It is important to remember this should not cross the line to spam. It is acceptable to include a link in your signature if you are contributing appropriately to the conversation but incorporating a link without a valuable comment may be considered spam.

Converting Website Visitors to Customers

Increasing traffic to a website is only half the battle when it comes to Internet marketing. Ideally those who are visiting the website are members of the target audience. This won’t always be the case but if care was taken during the previous step most of the visitors should have an interest in the website. Now that this is accomplished it is time to utilize the website to market directly to the members of the target audience. This can be done in a number of ways and is largely dependent on the goals of the marketer. Profit through a website is usually accomplished in one of two ways. These methods are enticing visitors to purchase a product or service and enticing visitors to perform a desired action such as clicking on an advertisement.

Ecommerce websites are those which are selling products or services. They profit when visitors make a purchase through their website. Some of the marketing strategies for accomplishing this goal are creating a user friendly website where finding products or services is simple, providing products or services which are of value to the visitors at reasonable prices, providing useful information enticing the visitors to make a purchase and offering the visitors incentives to make purchases.

Other websites generate a profit by enticing visitors to perform specific actions. Pay per click websites are the most common type of website which operates in this capacity. These websites typically have useful content as well as advertisements from vendors who may be of interest to the website visitors. Providing content which piques the visitor’s interest in the advertiser’s products will entice the visitor to click on the advertisement to learn more.

To Your Success
Cody Moya

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Smart Internet Niche Marketing

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Internet niche marketing is a field which can be lucrative for many as long as they study the industry first and make an honest effort to learn about the industry. Even those without a formal education can excel in Internet niche marketing as long as they understand the key elements of the industry. Such elements include selecting a niche carefully, organizing an effective marketing campaign and undergoing a continuing education process to stay aware of the trends in the industry.

Select a Niche Carefully

One of the most important components of a smart Internet niche marketing campaign is to select a niche carefully. A niche is a specific subdivision of a broader category. The owner of a niche website is usually quite knowledgeable about this particular topic and capable of creating quality content which is highly informative and accurate. Knowledge of a particular niche subject is one of the first factors a marketer should consider when selecting a niche. Ideally the niche they select should be one for which they have an interest as well as a great deal of pre-existing knowledge.

The second factor to consider in selecting a niche is to look for a topic which has a large potential audience but not a great deal of other websites competing for the attention of these Internet users. An exceptional niche website can enter a crowded market and excel but it does take considerably more effort because customers tend to be loyal and swaying them can be more difficult than winning the loyalty of new customers.

Organize an Effective Internet Marketing Campaign

Once a niche is selected it is time to begin orchestrating an effecting Internet marketing campaign. This campaign may include commercial websites, informative websites, message boards, e-newsletters, ebooks, email campaigns or any combination of these components. Websites will most likely be included as at least part of any Internet marketing campaign so developing keywords relevant to the niche and optimizing the websites for these keywords is important.

While optimizing the websites for particular keywords is important for achieving high search engine rankings, it is also imperative to carefully consider your target audience in the design of your website. While high search engine rankings will be increased traffic flow to your website, a clever design which meets the needs and expectations of your target audience is also important. High search engine rankings will bring in traffic but once you have website visitors it is important to capture their attention.

Stay Up to Date on Current Issues in the Industry

Finally, it is important to remember that Internet marketing is continually evolving and it is important for those who profit from the industry to stay up to date on the current trends in the industry. This is important because if ground breaking trends which greatly benefit a niche website, smart Internet marketers realize they have to begin employing these trends to avoid being left behind in their niche.

One way to stay up to date on the latest trends is to participate in message boards focused on Internet marketing. Through these communities those in the industry voice their opinions on different marketing strategies. Smart Internet marketers can use this information to formulate their own opinions and test strategies which are currently being discussed as new and innovative.

To Your Success
Cody Moya

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Selecting Keywords for Your Internet Marketing Niche

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Finding the right keywords for your niche is one of the most important aspects of Internet Marketing. The Internet is literally driven by keywords and failure to apply relevant and valuable keywords to your website and optimize your website for these keywords can be a fatal flaw in your marketing strategy. This article will examine the importance of selecting keywords in your Internet marketing campaign.

The Supply and Demand Concept Applied to Niche Marketing

The principle of supply and demand is just as important in Internet marketing endeavors as it is offline. While supply and demand offline is often used to determine appropriate prices for goods and services, the online concept of supply and demand as it applies to Internet marketing determines whether or not there is room for more websites in a particular niche. This is very important because a niche which is already saturated is not an ideal situation. In selecting relevant keywords for a niche website it is important to evaluate the competition and determine whether or not there is room in this niche for more competition.

According to this supply and demand model, keywords should be examined before delving too deep into a particular niche. This is important because the keywords you select for your niche and your ability to optimize your website for these keywords are both critical to the success of your Internet marketing campaign. Some consideration to keywords should be given before selecting a niche. During this time preliminary keywords should be examined to determine whether or not the Internet is already saturated with these particular keywords.

Finding your niche to be saturated is not always an indication that abandoning your idea all together is necessary. Sometimes it is possible to further fine tune your niche into an even more specific idea. For example you may find there is a great deal of competition for the keywords, “dog grooming” with many of the competition coming in the form of large corporations. However if you further break this down and perhaps focus on dog grooming in particular states such as, “Alaska dog grooming” you may find there room on the market for your niche.

Characteristics of Valuable Keywords

During the process of selecting your niche, you likely examined the subject of keywords on a preliminary level but now it is time to really begin researching keywords for your niche. One of the most important characteristic of keywords is relevance. The keywords you select for your niche should be relevant to your website. This is important because, through search engine optimization (SEO), these keywords will drive your target audience to your website. It is also important because your website will be ranked by search engines according to these keywords and if they are not relevant to the content of your website you may be penalized with poor search engine results.

Keywords should also be innovative. There are likely many websites similar to yours offering comparable products and services. They are your direct competition and using the exact same keywords as them will not enable you to stand out from the competition. Look beyond the obvious keywords for your website and you will find yourself reaching more target audience members than anticipated.

Finding the Right Words…Keywords That Is

Selecting keywords for a niche website is critical to the success of the website and should be considered an important part of the Internet marketing strategy. One of the most old fashioned, but reliable, ways to find keywords is through brainstorming. Get those with a vested interest in the website together for a brainstorming session particularly to develop keywords for the website. Sharing ideas will help to get the creativity flowing and may lead to the development of several new and innovative keywords for the niche.

Research is another step in the process of selecting keywords which cannot be underestimated. Start out by using search engines for your research. Many search engines provide reports on the popularity of certain search terms. The relative popularity of a particular term is a good indication of whether or not there is an interest in a certain niche. Next enter these terms into search engines to evaluate the direct competition. This will give you a good idea of how the competition is marketing their products and services. You can use this valuable information to expand upon their ideas and tailor their marketing strategy to meet your needs.

To Your Success
Cody Moya

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Make 20k in 20 days.. or your money back!

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One of the most successful UK Internet marketers is a
guy who goes by the name of Michael Green. He’s no
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Michael is very good at creating products that are easy
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Incredibly, Michael makes a guarantee that if you fail
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Many courses like this are thinly-disguised ads for a
range of extra products you have to buy to make the
system work. That can vastly multiply the cost to you.
but Michael Green’s 20/20 course isn’t like that. He
tells me that the only things you’ll need to spend
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The product has only just been launched meaning that
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What would you do with an extra $20,000 in your bank
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To Your Success,
Cody Moya

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So here you go. Make $20,000 in 20 days or your money back.

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Promoting Your Niche Websites

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Promotion is one of the most important aspects of marketing an Internet website. It is through promotion that websites reach the targeted audience. Promoting a website can be done in a number of ways. One of the most popular methods for promoting a website is through optimizing the website to achieve high search engine rankings. Another form of promoting a website is by interspersing website links with insightful comments on industry forums. Inbound links are yet another form of niche website promotion. This form of self promotion has the added benefit of contributing to one of the other forms of promotion by resulting in higher search engine rankings. This article will examine these three methods of promoting a niche website.

Using High Search Engine Rankings to Promote a Niche Website

Optimizing a niche website for particular keywords can be one method of promoting the website. Careful optimization can result in high search engine rankings which act as a form of free publicity. Internet users rely on search engines to provide them with the most relevant content for the search terms they use. Therefore, if your website ranks well in search engines your traffic will likely increase.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is serious business which is often best left to the professionals. Many savvy Internet marketers realize the importance of search engine rankings and are willing to invest in having their websites professionally optimized. Although this is an added expense it is worthwhile especially when you are fighting for rankings and an audience in a very competitive niche.

Promoting Websites through Industry Forums

Forums or message boards are online communities where like minded individuals or those who share a common interest come together to discuss the issues related to their common interest. Participation in these forums is one way website owners can promote their own niche websites. The key to promoting a website while participating in an online forum is to include a link to your niche website in your signature. The other part of the equation is contributing worthwhile information in your posts to give other users a reason to want to click on your links.

Care should be taken to avoid spamming these message boards with your link. Examples would include posting often without adding anything relevant to the conversation and including your link. Other forms of spam may include posting your link in a manner which is perceived as inappropriate by other users. An example of this type of use would be posting your link in response to a question when visiting your website would not assist the user in finding an answer to his question.

Using Inbound Links to Promote Niche Websites

Inbound links are another method of promoting a niche website. An inbound link is a link from one website which directs visitors to another website. Inbound links can be either reciprocal or non-reciprocal in nature. A reciprocal inbound link is one where one website posts a link to another website and in return the other website posts a link back to the first website. Both types of links are looked on favorably by search engines although non-reciprocal links are often given a slight advantage.

These inbound links can be an effective component of a strategy to promote a niche website. Visitors to websites who provide a link to your website are given the opportunity to enter your website. We have already discussed how search engine rankings can be part of website promotion but inbound links essentially rely on the popularity and high search engine rankings of other websites to promote their own niche website.

In negotiating deals for inbound links, website owners should look for other websites which complement their own website and have a similar audience. For example a website selling novelty basketballs might look for websites which sell basketball hoops. Caution should also be used to avoid link farms which do not offer significantly promotional value to a niche website. A link farm is a website which offers nothing more than a list of links to other websites. While these types of links may not be harmful to a website they are also not likely to be beneficial either.

To Your Success
Cody Moya

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Learning About Internet Niche Marketing

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Internet niche marketing is one of the fastest growing industries around. The Internet has become a vital resource for many and with so many people regularly using the Internet; smart investors are realizing the potential for generating a profit from society’s ever growing dependence on the Internet. This article will provide useful information for those who are interested in learning more about this cutting edge market and beginning a potentially lucrative career in niche marketing.

Researching Niche Marketing on the Internet

It may come as a surprise to some, but one of the most obvious ways to research the subject of niche marketing is via the Internet. The Internet is filled with websites offering information related to the subject of niche marketing. There are informational websites offering instructional articles and success stories, message boards offering a place for those involved or interested in the industry to share information or ask questions and commercial websites offering ebooks, classes and other instructional services for a fee.

Websites which have informative articles may provide a great deal of information for visitors but care should be taken to verify the information obtained online. This is important because although the Internet can provide a great deal of accurate information, there is also the potential for websites to spread misinformation as well.

A great deal about niche marketing can also be learned via the Internet by examining the websites of direct competitors in your niche. This is an important step because the competitors’ websites can be used to determine which elements of the website design are most effective for reaching potential customers. Understanding this will help the website owner to create a niche website which is superior to the competition.

Learning Internet Niche Marketing through Ebooks

Ebooks are another way for those who are interested in Internet niche marketing to learn about the industry. Ebooks are similar to published books but they are made available in a software format as opposed to printed on paper. You may find many different ebooks on the subject of Internet niche marketing online. Most of these ebooks are available for purchase but a few are offered free of charge. Downloading a free ebook on the subject may be helpful but many of the higher quality ebooks do charge a fee to download their ebook.

In selecting an ebook on the subject of Internet niche marketing, care should be taken to purchase an ebook from a reputable source. One way to do this is to search for reviews of the ebook from independent reviewers. This is important because these reviewers have no vested interest in promoting the ebook and will likely provide an honest evaluation of the quality of the ebook.

An Education in Internet Niche Marketing

Finally learning about Internet niche marketing may come in the form of a higher education degree. Universities are beginning to recognize the vastness of Internet niche marketing and are starting to offer classes related to this industry. These courses may be offered as part of a curriculum in advertising and sales or may be offered independently for those who want to learn more about the subject. Participation in these independent courses may not even require matriculation. Additionally, independent courses may even be offered as online courses making it even easier for those who are hoping to learn more about the industry while maintaining a job in another industry.

To Your Success
Cody Moya

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Understanding Product Data At ClickBank

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You may have noticed that when you browser through the marketplace for products that you may want to promote you find data that may not make much sense to you.

This data is important information that can reveal a lot about a product and its sales cycles but the truth is, most affiliate never understand the data because it just isn’t written in plain English.

Today we are going to go over what all of the numbers mean so you can look at them and fully understand what they mean and use that information in choosing products to promote.

Let’s dive right in…

$/sale – This is the first number that you see on this line of data and it’s actually the easiest to understand. It’s simply the amount of commission that you are going to receive when you make a sale of this product.

%/sale – This is the second number that you see on this line of data and is pretty much as easy to understand as the first one. It tells you the exact percentage of each sale you are going to receive in commission for each sale that you make.

%refd – This is the third number that you see on this line of data and one that most people don’t understand. What this number represents is the percentage of sales for this particular product that are made by affiliates. So if this number is 88%, that means that only 12% of the sales are made by the product creator and 88% are made by Clickbank affiliates.

grav – This number is the fourth number that you see on this line of data and definitely the most misunderstood of the four numbers on this line. What this number represents is the number of unique affiliates that have made a sale in the last 8 week period.

However, this is a “weight based” number with each affiliate getting a ranking between 0.1 and 1.0 which means that affiliates who made sales in the early part of this 8 week period contribute a lesser number and affiliates who have made a sale more recently contribute a larger number.

So you can see that it isn’t a number of actual affiliates that made a sale but rather a weighted sum.

So how do you use this to your advantage?

The good news is that you can use this number easily. Generally if this number is high that means that lots of affiliates are promoting it right now which also means that it’s probably selling quite well.

So if you see a product with a high gravity ranking that’s probably a good indication that this is a recently hot product that you may want to promote.

Now you fully understand what all of this Clickbank data means and how to use it to your advantage when you are selecting products that you want to promote.

Make sure to reference this article when selecting products.

To Your Success
Cody Moya

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Setting Up Your Clickbank Affiliate Account & Getting Your First Hop Link!

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Okay, you have heard about Clickbank and you want to get your share of the profit pie by promoting affiliate products on the Internet right?


We are going to go over a quick tutorial for setting up your affiliate account with Clickbank and even picking out your first product that you want to promote and getting the link you need to promote that product.
First you want to head over to the signup page at Clickbanks site:

The great thing about signing up is that it’s fast and it costs you absolutely nothing! Once at the signup page simply fill in your information and choose who the checks will be made out to as well as a username for your affiliate account and click the “Submit” button.

If your username is not available it will ask you to choose another username. Once you have successfully signed up you will be e-mailed a confirmation code and will be asked to check your r-email and get the code to confirm your account.

Get the code, enter it, and the next screen you see will be a success screen with your official username and password. You are now an official Clickbank Affiliate!

I recommend that you login into your account and click around the user panel to get familiar with the way your Clickbank account works.

Once you’re done checking out the user area, you’re ready to select your first product that you want to promote!

When selecting a product to promote, you want to make sure that you select products that are selling well. If a product is ranked badly or at the bottom of the rankings, there is a reason for that and changes are that it’s not going to sell very well.

To find a product, simply go to this page:

Once there you have two ways to find a product that matches the subject that you would like to sell products on. You can either use the Category and Sub-Category drop down menu and click “Go” or you can simple enter keywords into the keywords text box that match your subject of interest.

Leave the sorting option set to “By Popularity” because you want products that are proven sellers so you know that you can sell them easily.

After clicking “Go” you are presented with a list of products. I want you to select one that is in the top five so you are working with a product with a proven sales record.

Next, click the “Create Hop Link” link under that product.

Here you will see a box to enter your Clickbank affiliate username. Enter it and click “Submit” and on the next page you will see your own personalized affiliate link!

That’s all there is to it. Copy your link and paste it into a text document along with the product title for safe keeping until you need it!

To Your Success

Cody Moya

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SEO For Your Blog

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If you’ve been using Google’s AdSense on your blog you obviously feel the need to somehow generate even more traffic to your blog website, which in turn would translate to more AdSense clicks and a higher income.

But who do you do this? Well, the major way you’ll get visitors to see your blog (other then using AdWords, which is encouraged as well) is to use some techniques to have search engines send more and more users towards your blog, by ranking high in search results for your topics of interest.

This is a technique, better known as search-engine optimization or simply SEO. So here are a bunch of tips that can come handy under every amateur or professional optimizer’s belt.

The first thing you need to take care of is the actual source code and layout of your blog. This has to be kept as simple as possible. The problem comes when AdSense and the search engines themselves begin to have troubles in extracting the most relevant keywords on your site because of a too complex layout.

Secondly, try to have each one of your blog pages target only one specific topic. This way it is a lot easier for them to get indexed properly and for the AdSense ads to be consistent with the content of the blog itself.

Also, try not to include too many hyperlinks in your page as well. This also means you should try not to use too many AdSense ads on your page either one or two boxes is all you need.

If there are certain keywords you wish to target, make sure the word you wish to target is present in the blog title, in the first paragraphs of your post as well as in the name of the page. While you’re at it you might want to ensure the word springs up in the page’s last paragraphs.

And of course, it’s very important for your content to have original and compelling content. How do you do this? Well the easiest way to do it is to find something you’re really passionate about. That way, providing you give it a lot of effort you’re bound to have a great page quite fast.

If the content you use in your blog is in the public domain (which is highly discouraged) make sure that you at least give it an original title, and add an opening and a closing paragraph of your own.

This takes a little while, but if, after waiting, you still can’t find your page near the top, you should try rewriting your title and your first and last paragraphs. It doesn’t take much, often just changing a few words will give you the right results to stay ahead of teh competition.

And of, course there’s the use of keyword tools that may aid you in finding some good keywords to include on your blog’s theme that will drive visitors to your blog more and more.

So those are about the basic techniques in search engine optimization. You can find a lot of computer tools to aid you in doing this, and of course, Google is a great place to search for this.

In the end, you’ll find that SEO is a complex topic, and entire books have been written on the topic as well. You might find that you have a lot of optimization you need to do in order to get more and more visitors to your site and clicking those precious AdSense banners.

To Your Success
Cody Moya

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