Managing Multiple Blogs

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Bloggers who maintain multiple blogs must be careful to keep the content of each blog original. Even if the blogger maintains several related blogs it is important to ensure each of these blogs has original blog postings. This will help to prevent blog visitors from feeling as though the information they are receiving is not original. It will also help to prevent readers who frequently visit one or more of the bloggers blogs from deciding to start only visiting one of the blogs because they feel the postings are redundant.

Bloggers are also advised against stealing posts from other similar blogs. This is not only illegal but is also not likely to help the blogger much because dedicated readers of the original blog are likely to realize the new blog is simply stealing content from a more successful blog.

Keeping Each Blog Up to Date

Bloggers who maintain multiple blogs are also advised to ensure each blog is kept up to date. This means they should take care to post on each blog regularly. Doing this will help to avoid problems which stem from blog visitors feeling as though the blogs are stagnant. Even the most interesting and informative blogs can lose traffic quickly if the blog visitors do not see new content on a regular basis. The Internet is continually evolving and updating. As a result Internet users can afford to be finicky and are not likely to remain dedicated to a blog which does not post new information regularly because they can likely find other blogs available which do provide updates on a more frequent basis.

Finding Time to Work on Each Blog

Bloggers who maintain several blogs are also tasked with the dilemma of finding time to work on each blog. However, this is very important because bloggers cannot afford to neglect one or more of their blogs. Doing this can result in a marked decline in blog traffic. Therefore bloggers who wish to maintain multiple blogs must budget their time carefully to ensure they are dedicating sufficient time to each blog. This time management exercise may start out by assessing the needs of each blog. Some blogs may require a great deal of time and effort each week to keep the blog functioning properly while other blogs may require only a small amount of time for the same purpose. In general blogs which require a great deal of research will require more time and energy of the blogger than blogs which are based on the bloggers opinions and feelings and are therefore not as research intensive. Once the blogger has determined how much time it will be required to maintain each blog, he can schedule his time accordingly. However, he should plan to evaluate how well each blog is operating and may have to make adjustments to the schedule as needed. Additionally, he may also need to make a decision to eliminate a blog or enlist assistance in keeping the blogs updated if necessary.

To Your Success
Cody Moya

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Membership Sites – The Ultimate Money Machines?

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Internet marketers, as well as infopreneurs, are quickly finding the many advantages to setting up membership sites for their potential clients. Even experienced internet marketers or high profile gurus who have already huge success in their online business are jumping onto the membership site craze bandwagon because they can see the obvious advantages.

The main reason for membership sites being so hot is because this is a sure-fire way to tie the customers in to a monthly payment plan and have steady income on a regular basis.

With membership site, every time when new products are ready to hit the market, they can be easily added to the membership area without the need for a heavy duty product launch. No need to split the hard-earned profits with joint venture partners either. The control remains onto the internet marketer’s hand. Just keep adding content to the membership site and get ready to cash cheques day in and day out. What more fun can this be?

There are many ways a membership site can be monitized. It can be used as a members’ only club to put emphasis upon its exclusivity – something that almost all of us would find hard to resist. Make sure the offer is limited in a certain way – either in terms of time (as in, free registration is only available for 7 days) or numbers (only 90 members will be admitted).

Initially, membership site can be given away for free to attract a big enough crowd who are set up for another bigger and better upsell. Again, free membership sites can be thrown out as bait to let potential clients see how much good information and products can be had for very little money.

Start a number of complimentary sites with content that goes well with the main money making site. Now existing members can be encouraged to promote the new sites and even refer them so that they end up subscribing to more than one themselves.

In the case of preselling a high priced ticket coaching program, membership sites can be used to help improve trust between the marketers and their potential clients. Offer a free or low priced subscription and over-deliver by constantly adding content to the site that promotes and demonstrates the bigger ticket services. members will be keen to get cheap access to a site with very high perceived value – because it’s for special members only, and because some of the highly valued content is being over-delivered regularly.

Market domination is another one of the so many advantages to having membership sites. it’s easy to start one membership site in a niche, and after having acquired a certain number of members, start another membership site that focuses upon another aspect of the related niche. Now, rinse and repeat this simple process until this entire niche has been dominated with large enough number of members having been gathered and leveraged.

Time and time again, it’s been proven that when enough people gather together, a powerful force is generated. This is so true in the case of membership sites, especially in the era of the Web 2.0, where mutual opinions can make or break any community – or websites, in this case. So, here’s to riding this powerful force with our membership sites!

You can get turnkey paid membership website business at my Private Label Wholesaler website

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To Your Success
Cody Moya

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Bad Spelling Can Make You Money

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Remember back in school when you learned how to spell? It almost went hand in hand with the “Don’t color outside of the lines!” attitude. It was something you were expected to do – color within the lines and spell correctly.

You lost points for bad grammar, incorrect spelling, and oh yes, coloring outside the line.

If you consider words as a business commodity, correct spelling is usually put up for sale and purchased by those of us who are eager to devour it through magazines, novels, books, newspapers, membership sites, and all kinds of downloadable online content. To name but a few outlets.

So, what happens to all the incorrect spelling? Where does it go?

You would think that most of it gets stomped upon and eradicated in the classroom, or by the magazine or book editor, or even the newspaper editor. And, for the most part this ib, oops, is true.

Yet, with the dawn of text messaging, instant chat rooms, email, and a host of other “who cares how I spell” applications, incurrect speling is becuming the informal norm.

So, who cares if you spell incorrectly?

Well, despite what your teacher told you, there are people who actually want you to misspell – in fact, they’re counting on it!

Entrepreneurs like Kevin Ham from Vancouver get excited when you absent-mindedly type in instead of Try it. The ‘r’ key is so close to the ‘e’ key on the keyboard that people mistakenly type the ‘r’ key instead.

So, how much money can you make from spelling errors?

According to the June 2007 issue of Business 2.0 magazine, Ham’s business is worth over $300million, with much of it coming from owning misspelled domain names that people type directly into their Internet browser address windows.

In 2004, Yun Ye sold his portfolio of 100,000 domain names for $164million.

Mark Schilling owns over 320,000 domain names and still works out of his home in the Cayman Islands.

In 2006 Ham hashed out a deal with the government of Cameroon in Africa – who have the ‘.cm’ country code (U.S.A. has .us, Canada has .ca, and the U.K. has .uk). Why? Many people who intend to type “.com” as part of a web address end up missing the ‘o’ of com and type .cm instead.

Surfers who make this mistake end up on the Cameroon servers where the name is checked to see if it is registered there. If not, the surfer is redirected to, which Ham claims to have upwards of 8 million unique hits per month.

So, how is the money made?

For the most part, these sites contain simple “park” pages containing money-generating pay-per-click ad links that relate somewhat to the keywords used by the searcher. Each time the visitor to the page clicks on a link, the site owner makes money from that click (pay per click).

Other ways these “domainers” make money is from buying popular names like and adding a park page to it.

Other than joining this bandwagon, one way you can profit from this with your site is to consider different, or even incorrect spellings people would use to access your site. Then figure what the most common mistakes would be and register those sites, and have those sites redirect to you main site.

So, next time someone corrects your spelling you can tell them about Kevin Ham.

Happy domain naming!

To Your Success
Cody Moya

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What does Figjam have to do with buying and selling websites?

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FIGJAM is an Australian expression. I’ll explain what it
means and show you what it’s got to do with buying and
selling web sites in today’s video…

Click here to watch video

It occurred to me that I should explain how I came to be
teaching people about buying and selling web sites… it’s a
weird and vaguely disturbing trip!

It’s better you hear it from me…

Click here to watch video

Web Sites are available for peanuts at the moment – it’s a
crazy situation.

Tomorrow – I explain the secret that every successful real
estate investor knows. Take this information and apply it to
web site buying and selling and you have an incredible

To Your Success
Cody Moya

PS I’m scouting out for sites to value in real time – Some of
the deals out there are incredible. Ill show you some of these
in in the next few days!

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Yahoo or Google For PPC?

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When it comes to pay per click advertising, you will find that
there are a number of pay per click programs that you can choose
from. Two of the most popular programs include Yahoo Search
Marketing and Google Adwords. With both programs coming highly
rated and recommended, you may find it difficult to choose
between the two. When it comes to deciding which pay per click
program is the best for you, you will want to examine the
advantages and disadvantages of each.

For starters, let’s examine the Google Adwords program. Hands
down, the biggest advantage to using Google Adwords is that it
is a well-known and established program. In fact, Google is
considered a household name; everyone knows what it is. When it
comes to pay per click advertising, Google’s Adwords program is
the most recommended. It is also the first program that comes
to mind. This wouldn’t be the case if Google Adwords wasn’t
successful. By choosing Google Adwords, you automatically know
that you will see results; good results.

Although Google Adwords comes highly rated and recommended,
there are also a number of disadvantages to using the program.
There are some individuals who claim that the Google does a poor
job of monitoring their advertisements, namely where they
appear. It has been reported that advertisements appear on web
pages that are unrelated to the advertisements that are being
shown. This is most commonly seen with blogs. With blogs,
posters regularly change the focus of their posts each day. This
often results in different keywords being used, which can make
it difficult for consistency.

As it was mentioned above, aside from Goggle Adwords, Yahoo
Search Marketing is the other most recommended pay per click
advertising program. As with Google Adwords, Yahoo Search
Marketing has a number of advantages and disadvantages. The
main disadvantage of using Yahoo Search Marketing is that it is
still a relatively new program; they recently started working
with affiliates. These affiliates will host your advertisements
on their web pages. While this is considered a disadvantage, it
can also work to your advantage. Having a relatively small
number of affiliates makes it easier for the affiliates and
their websites to be monitored.

One of the biggest advantages to using Yahoo Search Marketing
for pay per click advertising is results. For an example of
this, just visit and perform a standard internet
search. Unlike Google’s search results page, where sponsored
advertisements are only displayed on the right-hand side, Yahoo
has advertisements displayed on the right-hand side, the top,
and the bottom. This means that your advertisements will not
only appear on affiliate pages, but there is also a chance that
your advertisement can be seen before a searcher even visits a

Although both Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing have
their own unique advantages and disadvantages, it is important
to touch on what they have in common. Both programs only charge
you for your advertisements if a user clicks on one of them,
thus the name pay per click advertising. Both programs also
monitor what is known as click fraud. Click fraud is when your
advertisements are clicked on, maliciously, just to increase the
amount of money that you have to pay. If click fraud is found,
both Yahoo and Google will take care of the problem and you will
not be held financially responsible for those clicks.

Despite multiple disadvantages, both programs are great and they
both come highly rated and recommended. This may make it
difficult to choose which pay per click program you want to
join. While your first impulse may be to join both, you are
advised against doing so. Instead, you will want to try and put
all of your time and energy into one program and one alone. If,
by chance, you don’t receive the results that you were hoping
for you can experiment with your second choice.

Whether you choose to participate in Google Adwords or
Yahoo Search Marketing, you are sure to be pleased with the

To Your Success
Cody Moya

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Do you know the Value of Website Traffic? Dominiche – The Art Of Buying and

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It’s such an amazing time in the Buying and Selling Web
Site game.

People are buying sites for pennies on the dollar, doing a
“refurb” on them and selling them for many times what they
paid in as little as four weeks!

I now have seven students that have sold their sites for a
million dollars or more!

Four of those have happened just in the last 90 days.

Let me introduce you to Dominiche – The Art Of Buying and
Selling Web Sites

I have made a welcome video for you and you can get it
here . . .

Click here to find out more about Dominiche

In this video – I reveal the huge mistake people are making
when they look to sell their web site. Which of course is a
huge ADVANTAGE to you if you are going to buy a site:

People don’t value traffic!!!

I’ll explain all in this special (and very short video)

Click here to find out more about Dominiche

Over the next few days I am going to show you inside the
buying and selling game.

Remember – you don’t need to know anything about
technology, programming or even how to build a site – in truth
you are much better off without it!!

I’ll tell you exactly what I mean over the next few days.

Let’s Get Started . . .

Click here to find out more about Dominiche

To Your Success
Cody Moya

P.S. If the thought of selling anything to anyone gives you
the creeps you’re going to love this course – I’m going to show
you a strategy of how to sell – without selling at all!

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Ed Dale’s Dominiche – The Art Of Buying & Selling Website

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Ed Dale’s Dominiche lanches October 9th.

I will be posting link to the very first video with great free content probably tomorrow.

Stay tuned. You do not want to miss those videos not to mention Ed Dale’s Dominiche Oct 9th.

To Your Success
Cody Moya

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Creating keyword rich articles

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The struggle between literate, grammatically correct article
composition and keyword seeding should not exist at all. Search
engines are able to figure out the relevance of the content on
your website to a user’s query. Therefore, an article filled
with a jumble of keywords will have lesser relevance than a
well-written article containing lesser keywords.

Internet marketers who need SEO articles commonly require
grammatically correct and literate compositions from SEO writers
like me. The more I read and write about how search engines
function and how they equate relevance with a high search result
ranking, the more I strive to place overall composition above
keyword content.

With relevant articles on your website pertaining to your
products, ideas or services, you get more chances of directing
the correct kind of surfer traffic to your website. Of course,
this will mean a decrease in bulky but irrelevant traffic.
However, as a search engine user, I find it annoying to see
search results that have no connection to what I need to find.

Admittedly, most web masters prefer bulk traffic over highly
relevant web traffic. The more the merrier, so to speak. In my
experience, surfing the web without any purpose becomes tedious.
It gets even more tedious as your experience in web surfing
grows. Nowadays, I specifically surf the web with a purpose in
mind. Armed with that purpose, I single-mindedly search for what
I need.

It would help me to find what I need faster if the descriptive
content of your website were relevant to my search. Having a
nicely composed descriptive article about the idea or object I
am seeking will make your website more useful to me. Because
your website has been highly informative and usable, I will
return there again to see if you have something that I need.

In having relevant and highly descriptive articles, your
website satisfies two totally different necessities. The more
relevant necessity for you would be a high ranking search
result. The lesser, and often times unnoticed necessity, is that
of having satisfied your customer.

The more relevant your content is, the more chances you have
of being able to direct your target market to your website. The
percentage of people who buy your product will definitely
increase as opposed to a decrease in just passing thru or wrong
turn traffic. In counterpoint, the more relevant traffic you
get, the higher your sales figures go up.

Targeting traffic that isn’t really interested in your website
almost serves no purpose. I definitely won’t try to remember the
name of a website that has nothing of what I need. Memory
retention of a website by people is very much minimal unless it
has served the people well. Furthermore, to be redirected to an
irrelevant website by a search engine is very much an annoyance.
These websites that bombard their content with nothing but
keywords are now getting penalized and banned by search engines
so that they can avoid sending people to the wrong place.

How would you feel if directory assistance gave you the wrong
listing? Naturally, the supervisor at directory assistance will
reprimand the agent who gave the wrong listing. It’s the same
thing with search engines and web site. Search engines are
trying to provide internet surfers with good service in order to
gain more traffic. The more traffic they have, the more
expensive their advertising space becomes. Along comes a web
master who abuses their system so that all traffic is directed
to his website. How do you think a search engine operator will
react to or against the evil web master?

Don’t sacrifice the quality of your website content for
quantity of traffic. It almost serves no purpose anyway and only
gets the search engines enraged.

Check my Private Label Articles website and get ready made articles you can put your name on.

Click here to visit my Private Label Articles website

To Your Success
Cody Moya

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Easy proofreading & spellchecking

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One of the biggest complaints reported by e-book readers is poor
grammar usage. Although the occasional mistake is
understandable, some readers are often left wondering if their
e-book author even read their own e-book. Do not let yourself
be one of those authors. You need to thoroughly proofread and
spell check your e-book before offering it for sale.

When it comes to proofreading, there are often two sets of
writers. Many automatically know the importance of proofreading
and spell checking. However, there are others who have the why
bother mentality. If you are wondering why it is important to
proofread and spell check, you need to familiarize yourself with
the importance of proofreading. Of course, proofreading allows
you to catch any mistakes that you may have made. It also
allows you to make sure that you didn’t leave out anything
important. Proofreading also enables you to make sure that your
e-book flows together perfectly.

Perhaps, the most important purpose of proofreading is to create
a high quality product. Even if you are able to produce an
e-book on one of the “hottest” topics or subjects around, it
won’t really do you any good if your e-book is hard or difficult
to read. In fact, that is why there is often a direct connection
between proofreading and e-book sales. Proofreading, especially
multiple times, may be considered time consuming, but it will
help you in the end. It is known fact that interesting and
properly written e-books sell for more than those that are just

Since proofreading is vital to the success of your e-book, you
are advised to make sure that you do it. In fact, do you know
that you have a number of different options? The most chosen
option involves self-proofreading. Self-proofreading is defined
as proofreading your own content. When doing your own
proofreading, it is best that you wait until your e-book as been
finished. You will also want to make sure that you proofread
multiple times. In most cases, once is not enough to catch all
of your errors. A good rule to follow is if you don’t
understand what you wrote; your readers probably won’t be able
to understand it either.

A large number of authors, including e-book authors, are able to
successfully proofread and spell check their own articles, but
there are also a number of those who have a difficult time doing
so. With something as important as an e-book that will be
available for sale online, you may want to think about hiring a
professional proofreader. Professional proofreaders are also
known as editors. What is nice about hiring a professional
proofreader or editor is that many not only have experience, but
they also have a degree to back it up. Having a professional
proofreader or editor will increase your chances of having your
mistakes found and corrected.

As nice as it is to hire a professional proofreader or editor,
you need to have money to do so. While it is possible to find
an affordable editor, you may not have the funds needed to do
so. If that is the case, you are advised to look for
individuals who will do your proofreading or editing for you,
free of charge. Your best chance of success, with this
approach, involves talking to those that you know. You may also
be able to work out an arrangement with another writer. If you
offer to proofread one of their e-books or a collection of their
articles, they may do the same for you. When taking the free
proofreading approach, you are advised to try and get someone
who may have some writing and editing experience, even if they
are not considered an expert.

Whether you choose to do your own proofreading, have a friend
look at your e-book for you, or hire a professional editor, you
are urged to proofread. Proofreading and whether or not it is
done may have a direct impact on whether or not you e-book is a
successful seller.

Proofreading may take time, but, when looking back, you
should consider it time well spent.

Check my Private Label Articles website and get ready made articles you can put your name on.

Click here to visit my Private Label Articles website

To Your Success
Cody Moya

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Bonuses for Anik Signal’s PPC Classroom – PPCclassroom

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Check bonuses I prepared for Anik Signal’s PPC Classroom

To Your Success
Cody Moya

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