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Today I am giving away a professionally designed mone.y making
website and hosting (worth over $1097).

Here is what you will get free

- A fully optimized affiliate website ready to make money using the
strategies I teach.

- Integration of your affiliate links – so you can promote your
site the way you like – using Adwords, articles, PPC, whatever you
like: it’s your site…

- And, remember. No need to know any HTML, web design, layout and
any other techie crap.



Cody Moya

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Home Business Scams

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Everybody wants to work from home.We are all aware of the benefits of working from home. Work at your leisure, do what you enjoy and earn money in the bargain. Who would not like this luxury. But with the mad rush for people to work from home, scamsters seem to be making a quick buck and many people have fallen prey to them. The following are a few scams one needs to be careful about before engaging in work at home opportunities.

“Envelope Stuffing Scams”

This is possibly the most infamous. You are required to stuff envelopes which the company sends you after you have paid a fee with a promise that you will be paid for every envelope you stuff. The problem is you never get paid and you lose the money you have invested in buying the envelopes.

“Data Entry Scams”

You see many advertisements promising you instant wealth just typing from home. But what do most of them turn out to be? Well, typing Google adwords as prescribed by the company, pay for the keywords that are suggested by them and simply advertise for ” Data Entry ” jobs which leads the customer to their site. In other words all you are doing typing Google Adwords using your money for advertising their site and getting a small commission in the bargain. More often than not you end up burning a hole in your pocket with Google Adwords as we all know it does not come cheap. You could do this on your own with a Clickbank and Google Adwords account and don’t need to pay money to do it.

“Call 1-900 Scam”

You would have to call a 1-900 number to get more details on a home business opportunity or a work from home job. These numbers are not toll free. So you pay for the call and end up getting information which is of no use to you.

“Sending E-mail Scam”

You are promised income by just sending e-mails. For this you have to pay the company for the necessary instructions. In return you get a list of e-mail id’s to which you have to send e-mails. Here is the catch. You will probably end up spamming people and get penalized in the bargain.

These are just a few scams. There are probably many more on the net. One needs to be careful before spending one’s hard earned money. A simple search on Google for Home business scams can give you more information about the scams doing rounds on the net.

To Your Success
Cody Moya

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Building Profits while Building Lists

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List building is the most important aspect of any online business. No matter which business model you follow your top priority should be to build a list of prospects to send information to on a regular basis.

There is a saying going around Internet marketing circles that the money is in the list. This is most definitely a true statement.

By building a list you can keep in contact with your prospects and create a bond between you that will eventually lead to profit. If cultivated correctly the profits from a well-groomed list will expand over time and can become a long-term income center.

There have been many marketing studies done which show that the average consumer needs to be contacted at least seven times before he or she will make a commitment to buy. If you, as a business owner, are not giving your prospects an opportunity to leave their name and email address in your autoresponder then you are surely leaving untold profits on the table.

The beautiful thing about list building is that it can be done in any niche. Whether you are into Internet marketing, gardening, knitting, car stereos, vacations or whatever else, there is information out there that you can package and make available for your visitors as a freebie to entice them to leave their info and bring them back for more.

The biggest key to profiting from your lists is to do the old soft sell. Do not bombard your list with a torrent of sales pitches or a flood of advertising. This will lead to massive defections in the ranks in the form of unsubscribers and all the hard work you put into building your list in the first place will be for nothing.

Send a lot of useful information at a reasonable rate for the first two weeks. A good rate of delivery would be every two to three days. This information should be in the form of articles and reviews of pertinent products.

Only after delivering this useful information should you start to send sales pitches to your list. As a general rule of thumb you should only send a sales letter every third mailing. This way you build trust with your readers, as they are not expecting a sales pitch every time out.

Treat your list members well. Give them free reports once a month or every other week as an enticement to stay on your list. This will give them a good reason to open your emails when they see them in their inbox because they never know when you may send them another useful piece of information.

By giving them these free reports many will also feel obligated to make a purchase when you do recommend a product or service.

By building lists in every niche you are marketing to you will soon see profitable returns that go way beyond the effort needed to keep your lists active.

To Your Success
Cody Moya

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Key To Quick Profits – Do What Others Hate To Do

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Niche marketing is the key to success in our over crowded market. If you haven’t heard of niche marketing and how important it is to your success, you must live under a rock.

In fact, niche marketing is so popular now your niche must have a niche to succeed. It seems everywhere you look someone is already selling, producing or providing it ahead of you.

Even if you manage to be the first person to market an idea (very rare), guess what? You can bet if it has a fraction of success people will rush to copy it. So what can you do to establish a niche others can’t easily copy? The quickest way to establish a quick niche with a ready market of buyers is simple.

Find something others hate to do. This should be a snap. Just observe, people are always complaining, griping or nagging about something.

So, when you hear people complaining, griping or fussing about having to do something a cash register (Cha-ching) should go off in your imagination.

In fact, carry a note pad with you and list everything you hear someone complain about for one week. I promise this list will be worth it’s weight in gold to you if used with the following information.

Next find something you like to do or at least can tolerate if someone paid you to do it. Whatever it is it will get easier once you have cash in your hand.

Plenty of people would be glad to pay you to do something they hate doing. For example, if you had mice running through your cafeteria just before lunch, would you pay someone to get rid of them? Of course you would.

If you had trash in a home you were trying to sell, would you pay someone to move it? These are small examples of this principle but hundreds more exist all around.

The trick is to get started. This is simply the principle of finding a problem and helping to solve it. Because the biggest problem people have today is having to do things they hate to do.

This idea can stretch even further. You can also offer to do something others don’t have time to do, because time is such a valuable commodity to most people today.

If you can simply offer to do a routine chore for someone, that could be an excellent source of income for you.

For example, I know a college student who is earning his way through college by simply standing in line for people. He stands in line at the Department of Motor Vehicles, amusement parks, concerts, even for new product launches like the new Xbox. He’s one of those guys you see waiting in line all night to be the first to buy a new software program or game.

Yes, offering to do what others hate to do is a quick, simple and effective way to create a niche – inside a niche. Use it now to carve a niche deep enough to be out of the reach of competition.

To Your Success
Cody Moya

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Be your own Boss

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Are you tired of being pushed around by your direct supervisor to meet tight schedules and having to work long painful hours? Does at the end of the day, all the credits and promotions goes to your superior after all the effort you have put in for them? Does all these sound too familiar to you? If this is so,you should start thinking of stopping all this nonsense of fattening your superior’s fat pocket instead of yours. You should start thinking of becoming your own boss and start considering looking into the abundance of business opportunities available where you could work at home to make money. Whats more, not only you could make money, you would have enough time to spent with your family which you may have longed for.

So how can you start your home business so that you could make money from home which is always the most difficult starting point? Well, indeed there are tons and tons of work from home opportunities out there but one of the best and cheapest way of setting up a home business is by starting your own internet home based business.

However, do not expect to get rich overnight. Work from home is everybodys’ dream, if not all, but you still need to put in time and effort before you could actually succeed.

So start to work online a few hours a day and learn as much as possible during your online adventure.Get a good make money online eBook to learn the different techniques of making money online. Do not despair if you do not make any money at all at the beginning as this is a common learning curve. As long as you are willing to learn and be persistence, with time and effort, you will soon learn the way to make money online and be your own boss. Once you got the technique of making money online and feel that your online earnings are enough to overtake your current job earnings, then you can decide to quit your current job and start your online business fulltime.

You will be surprised to see that there are many people in the internet who are willing to help you if you join the forums and ask any questions and doubts that you may have.

Do not hesitate at these work at home opportunities anymore and start to be your own boss by setting up your first internet home based business to make money from home.

To Your Success
Cody Moya

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Duplicate Content – Friend or Foe?

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The question of whether duplicate content can get you penalized in the search engines — and how to avoid that if it can — is a topic of hot debate these days.

Many webmasters live in fear, agonizing over questions like:

- What is duplicate content?

- Why do search engines care about duplicate content?

- Should they worry about duplicate content?

- What can they do to avoid a duplicate content penalty if there is one?

First, understand that there is no clear definition of duplicate content and it is not absolutely clear that there is any such thing as a duplicate content penalty. In general, however, the belief is that repetition of large blocks of the same content (such as an article or syndicated blog post) within either the same domain or across many different domains could trigger a penalty in search engines such as Google.

So why would search engines care about duplicate content?

If you think about how search engines work and how they make their income, the whole topic from their perspective becomes clear. Search engines live or die based on two things:

1. Do search engine users feel like they get the results they are looking for when they search?

2. Do the advertisers (and thus the search engine) make good revenue?

Suppose you publish an article on “How to write a good article.” You submit it to all of the popular article directories and within a couple weeks it is published on 300 different websites.

If someone were to then go to Google and search for “how to write a good article,” do you think they would feel like Google was producing good results if the first 300 were all links to your article, but just on 300 different sites?

Of course not. In fact, people would probably either complain or stop using Google. And as a side effect, advertisers would start making less revenue and would stop advertising. Then Google would not make money and before long they would have some serious problems.

So it becomes clear why Google, or any search engine, would not want to display many copies of essentially the same content for any given keyword search.

The logical conclusion is that search engines absolutely need to filter out as much duplicate content in the results as possible. If they filter out your website and display someone else’s, even though the content is the same, it’s going to look as if you were penalized for duplicate content. But actually, they are just trying to deliver the best results.

Many people believe that search engines should give precedence to the original source of the content. But how can Google or any search engine accurately determine which is the original of the content and which is the duplicate? While algorithms can likely make some logical conclusions, the truth is that it is not really possible to determine this every time.

Instead, search engines have to go by things like where the content seems to have first been published, which site is the biggest authority, etc.

This means that if you publish the same article on your site and on 100 sites that are all older and more established, it is likely that it may appear your site was republishing duplicate content, not the other way around.

There is an easy way to avoid this problem. Don’t publish the same articles on your website that you submit to the article directories. You can publish variations, but be sure they are significantly enough different that they are unlikely to get your site filtered or penalized due to duplicate content.

Interestingly, this will also work for you in another way. If your articles are published on other sites which then all link to your site, and you don’t duplicate any of the content, your site appears to actually be more of an authority site than the sites that are all sharing duplicate content.

And if your site is on the same theme and the article directories link to your website with keyword-rich anchor text, the incoming links will also seem to indicate to the search engines that your site is the authority on that theme. The sites publishing the duplicate content seem less authoritative.

In a similar way, if you syndicate your content, be sure to only syndicate the title and description paragraphs, not the whole article. That way, your site always has even more content on the topic, again making your site seem to be the authority.

This strategy can be far more effective than publishing the articles on your site. In fact, if you have been submitting articles for some time, you may even have seen this happening already.

As you can see, it’s not really a question of whether there is a duplicate content penalty or not. Search engines must filter out duplicate content in order to present the best results to their users and maintain advertising revenue.

You can use this to your advantage by being sure that any duplicate content is on other websites that link to yours. Some of those sites will be filtered out of the search engine results and some won’t. But they will all point to your site as the actual authority on your keyword-based theme. Do this, and any duplicate content will be your friend rather than your foe.

To Your Success
Cody Moya

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Keyword Research – The Foundation for a Profitable Website

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Keyword research is the process of determining which keyword phrases will describe your website’s products and/or services and are actually used in web searches. It is insight into the needs of your customers or clients. Bottom line it is finding out what Internet surfers are actually searching for.

Choosing keywords or keyword phrases can be very confusing for new site owners. If you don’t have keyword or keyword phrases optimized on your web site, you will not get the traffic you want and individuals will not stay on your site, read your information or buy you service or product.

Keyword research can be broken down into a three step process. The first step is the discovery phase. In this step you want to focus on identifying as many keywords or phrases as possible.

Initially you need to sit down and brainstorm a list of keyword/keyword phrases that address the topic of your web site. Have a dictionary and thesaurus handy. At this point include every word or phrase that you can think of.

There are several keyword tools that are available to help you generate a keyword list. Some of these tools are free (www.goodkeywords.com and Google Adwords Tool) while others (www.wordtracker.com) are fee based. With these tools you will be able to generate hundreds of keyword phrases.

The second step in the analyzing phase. This step involves analyzing the popularity and competition for the keyword phrases. The quickest way to perform the analysis is to use one of the fee based keyword tools like Wordtracker.

Wordtracker is able to quickly take your list of keyword phases and give you the number of searches in the past 30 days and the number of competitive web sites for each phrase. Wordtracker also supplies a numerical value called a Keyword Effectiveness Index(KEI) that helps determine the competitiveness of a keyword phrase. A keyword phrase with a high KEI means it is less competitive.

From Wordtracker you are able to export your keyword list along with the KEI, search and competitive site data. This information can then be entered into Excel spreadsheets. This will allow you to make comparisons between various keyword phrases and do away with any unrelated or undesireable keyword phrases.

The third step is the selection of keyword phrases. From your analysis phase, you should be able to identify a number of high quality keyword phases that can accurately describe the qualities of your website.

In your final selection of keyword phases you need to look for phrase that have a high level of search activity, while the level of competitiveness is relatively low. For making your final selection of 15-20 keyword phrases you will want to do a Google search on the keyword phrases and view the top web sites listed for each phrase. Are the sites professionally designed? Can you design a web page that can move up into the top ratings for this keyword phrase?

When starting a new web site it’s highly recommended to target only one unique keyword phrase per page. With your newly researched keyword list you can write your content with a balanced use of unique phrases that will help generate traffic to your web pages.

To Your Success
Cody Moya

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Choosing A Profitable Affiliate Program

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Affiliate programs are a great way to make money online; if you
choose the right affiliate program. That it why it is extremely
important that you carefully choose which affiliate program or
programs you want to join. When it comes to choosing an
affiliate program, do you know what to look for you? If this is
your first time joining an affiliate program, you are urged to
keep on reading. Below are some guidelines that you may want to
think about following.

Perhaps, the most important thing that you need to remember,
when choosing an affiliate program, is to not pick the first
affiliate program that you come across. This is a big mistake
that many affiliate program participants make. Unfortunately
for you, this can be a costly mistake. What many do not realize
is that the product you choose to promote will reflect on you
and your business. That is why it is important that you take the
time to thoroughly examine an affiliate program first. You will
want to choose an affiliate program that involves a product that
you can stand behind, one hundred percent.

One of the best ways to know that you are dealing with a
legitimate affiliate program and a quality product is to test
that product out. Although you are advised to do this, you may
not want to or you may be unable to do so. If that is the case,
you can still research an affiliate program or even the product
that is being sold. You can easily do this online. One of the
best ways to do your research is to perform a standard internet
search. Search with the name of the affiliate program or the
product being sold. You can also check out websites that are
known as scam websites. These websites tend to profile
companies, individuals, or business opportunities that regularly
scam consumers.

Before applying for or signing up for an affiliate program, you
are advised to read all of the rules, restrictions, or
guidelines associated with that affiliate program.
Unfortunately, you may find yourself disqualified from an
affiliate program right off the bat. For instance, there are a
large number of affiliate programs that prohibit their products
from being advertised on websites that display pornography, foul
language, and other offensive content. Familiarizing yourself
with an affiliate program’s rules and guidelines will prevent
you from being denied from a program or later dismissed from

Perhaps, one of the most important things to remember, when
choosing an affiliate program, is the product that you will have
to sell. In conjunction with making sure that the product is a
quality one, you will also want to make sure that it is related
to your website or business, in one way or another. For
instance, if your own website focuses on computer programming,
you will not want to join an affiliate program that sells pet
products. Joining an affiliate program that is related, in one
way or another, to your own website may increase your chances of
making a sale; thus increasing your profits.

Although it is important to choose a quality product to stand
behind, you also need to remember that your goal is to make
money. One of the easiest ways to make a substantial amount of
money is to choose an affiliate program that pays their
affiliates decently. The average commission for affiliates is
three to five percent of each sale made. While this is a good
percentage to make, there are higher paying affiliate programs.
You may want to look for affiliate programs that pay around ten
percent. In fact, there are even a select number of affiliate
programs that pay around fifteen percent in commissions.

The above mentioned guidelines are just a few of the many that
you will want to take into consideration, when choosing an
affiliate program. Although the above mentioned points are
helpful, the most important thing to keep in mind is your
judgment. Using your best judgment is the easiest way to choose
an effective affiliate program.

To Your Success
Cody Moya

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What You Need to Know About the World of Audio Books

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Audio books of all types are great products, both for those who buy them and for those who sell them. Selling audio books can be a very lucrative business, whether it is pursued on a part time or full time basis, whether you create and market your own audio books or team up with others to sell the products they have created.

Those who are new to the world of audio books usually have quite a few questions about them, and we will attempt to answer some of the most frequently asked questions below.

What are the benefits of audio book clubs?
Audio book clubs can have a number of benefits, both for buyers and sellers of those books. For buyers, joining an audio book club comes with the immediate benefit of free or reduced priced audio books, while the seller receives a customer who is interested in buying more audio books in the future. The lists of members of audio book clubs can be powerful marketing tools for those in the business of selling audio books and similar products.

What about audio book rental?
Compared with the market for buying and selling audio books, the rental market for these books is still somewhat small, but it is likely to grow in the future. The rental market for audio books is an interesting one, and one that many people in the business of selling audio books will want to consider. The ready availability of audio books in MP3 and other downloadable formats has made renting such audio books much easier, and many consumers will no doubt like the opportunity to rent audio books instead of buying them.

For the owner of the audio book business, this rental market is likely to be quite a lucrative one. The subscription based audio book rental market in particular is likely to be quite a good profit maker. The value of this subscription based approach, of course, is a steady stream of monthly income for the owner of the business. Unlike the one time sale of one or more audio books, the subscription model will bring a continuous stream of income month after month and year after year.

Are downloadable or hard copy audio books best?
There is no one answer to this question, as it will depend on the needs of the person buying the book For this reason, it is important for those who plan to sell audio books for a living to market their products in a number of formats. In addition to the standard book of tape and book on CD market, it is important for the seller of audio books to provide their wares in easily downloadable formats like MP3. As portable listening devices like iPods become more and more popular, more and more consumers will demand the ability to take their audio books with them in a more convenient format.

What makes audio books so popular?
There are many reasons why the world of audio books is such an appealing one, but one of the chief benefits of audio books is the fact that they can be read and enjoyed virtually anywhere. From riding in the car to relaxing on the beach, books on tape and CD can be enjoyed no matter where you are. Unlike traditional books, audio books can be enjoyed while cooking, while driving and while doing a number of other popular activities. It is no wonder that audio books are so popular, and this means an enormous amount of opportunity for those who know how to effectively sell and market these books.

What about the cost of audio books?
Compared to standard books, audio books are not expensive, and downloadable and rentable audio books can be especially affordable. Creating audio books, on the other hand, can be prohibitively expensive, requiring lots and lots of very expensive equipment and plenty of in depth expertise. This means that those considering selling audio books on their web sites or through other means would be much better off to buy ready to sell audio books than to try to create their own.

You can get resell rights to audio books at www.PrivateLabelAudioBooks.com

Click here to visit my Private Label Audio Books website

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Direct Advantages of Email Marketing

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Email marketing is a wonderful way to reach large amounts of
customers in a short amount of time. This is a very inexpensive
marketing method that is effective. It will result in getting
more traffic to your website thus generating more sales. Email
marketing can be used by any type of business regardless of the
products or services they have to offer.

One huge advantage of email marketing is it can be effective for
both large and small businesses. When it comes to regular
commerce, the larger company can afford to print up colorful
fliers and ads. This is much harder for smaller businesses due
to the expense. Email marketing can be done using software so
that even small businesses can create effective and professional
looking email marketing campaigns on a small budget. This will
hopefully help them increase their sales.

Email marketing is an effective way to deliver the information
you want to get to consumers in the method they enjoy using.
Most everyone has email these days and it is common to log on
and check for messages several times each day. It also allows
you the opportunity to reach consumers around the globe. There
are no boundaries when it comes to location with this method of

On average email marketing costs 78% less than other types of
marketing. This savings is after the cost of research, testing,
and sending the emails. It also takes the cost of consulting
into consideration. Email marketing consulting is often less
expensive than other marketing consultants. This means you can
choose to save money or maybe invest more but reach more people.
In addition to saving money, you save valuable time. Your emails
can be scheduled to go out at times when you are out of the
office or working on other projects.

To appeal to your consumers, email marketing allows you to use
graphics, games, music, videos, and other types of materials to
gain their interest. This is something most other marketing
concepts don’t allow. Sure, they offer one or two choices but it
seems like everything is possible with email marketing concepts.
Since you have the name and purchasing history of the
individual, you can personalize the email. This makes the
customer feel more trusting towards you as well as more loyal to
the company. It is much better than getting a piece of mail at
home that says dear customer. You will be able to create
marketing lists that allow you to send a marketing campaign only
to a target market. This is a very effective way of sending
different campaigns to different customers.

The process of email marketing gives you tools for measuring the
successful of the marketing campaign. You can measure the click
through rate, conversion rate, find out how a person linked to
your website, and many more ways of analyzing data.

Customers can choose to opt out by clicking the link in your
email marketing campaign. This saves you money by knowing who
isn’t interested in receiving your information. There is no way
to know that with other types of marketing campaigns. For those
who are interested in your email marketing campaign, you will
see the responses quickly. This is a great way of knowing what
is effective for future marketing endeavors.

Email marketing is one of the most common as well as most
successful marketing methods available. With the volumes of
consumers on the internet everyday it only makes sense to use it
from a business point of view. Email marketing is a great way to
reach a volume of people quickly and inexpensively. Email
marketing is a great opportunity to communicate with your
customers. This is an effective way to be able to analyze your
marketing tools so you will know what is working and what areas
you need to continue improving.

How to get new, fresh and big list monthly without any work?

Click => Business opportunity leads to find out.

To Your Success,
Cody Moya

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