The Importance of Credibility to the Online Entrepreneur

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When it comes to selling products, services and information on the internet, there is no substitute for a solid reputation, and those web business owners who are recognized as experts in their field tend to enjoy a great deal more success than their less accomplished peers. In order to understand this phenomenon, think about it from the point of view of a customer. Would you rather buy a financial newsletter from an accomplished Wall Street insider or the guy down the street? Would you rather take fitness advice from a well known personal trainer or a couch potato?

If the answer to these questions seems obvious, then you instantly understand why establishing a reputation as an expert is so valuable. Fortunately, this process can be made a lot easier through gathering the right public domain information and using that readily available information to create documents that can be valuable to your customers, and to your reputation as an expert.

For instance, the information contained in the private label books you create can be used to create valuable multi part training courses that will be quite valuable to both new and existing customers. These training courses can easily be sent to subscribers via email, and the best part is customers will be eagerly waiting for each new course to arrive, hanging on your every word and recognizing you as an expert in your field.

In addition to an enhanced reputation, these online training courses can provide a variety of cash flow streams through affiliate links and other revenue enhancements. Strong and valuable content can provide a great steady cash flow for the smart internet entrepreneur. For instance, simply sprinkling a variety of affiliate links throughout each training session can provide a steady stream of income, and most customers will appreciate this useful yet unobtrusive form of advertising.

Creating and using such a course can be even easier if you use a simple and readily available autoresponder program to automate the process. This autoresponder service can make the delivery of the training course seamless and simple for even the beginning internet professional.

Sending valuable and relevant information to a list of subscribers on a regular basis can do a great deal to cement your reputation as an expert in your field of choice. The power of this type of expert reputation simply cannot be overstated, and many web site owners have used this technique to significantly boost their earnings and their profits.

In addition to current subscribers, solid content can easily be submitted to a number of web sites and newsletter publishers who are always on the lookout for such information. These newsletter and ezine submissions can be a great source of valuable advertising, through the use of a simple two or three line bio which links back to your own web site. With all these advantages, it is easy to see why so many web site owners have worked so hard to establish and guard their online expert reputation.

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To Your Success
Cody Moya

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Long Tail Marketing… What Does it Mean?

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Recently there is a huge stir around the phrase “long tail marketing.” It primarily deals with retailing online and makes some real interesting points you should consider. The concept is by Chris Anderson and you can get his book at Amazon.

But what does it all mean? It means get busy with keywords and content to get all the searches possible to your site. People do search differently so you must consider all keywords that relate to you.

An example is a hobby site. Imagine the “length of the tail” in how many keywords that could be. Everything from backyards to zebras. It’s the length of the tail when all of those keywords are connected that can bring you more business. Think about a big tail on a huge animal, it covers a lot of ground and gets your attention when connected to an alligator!

So to coin a phrase, “get your tail moving” and leave no rocks unturned. Some search for refrigerators and for some it is an ice box or the fridge. Think about what people name things in other parts of the world that are the same thing in your world.

In keyword research it is easy to spot and grow niches. Low search counts at the top 3 search engines can mean business for you when there is no competition. Use Wordtracker to find out what these less used search engine searches can do for you. So what if there are only 6 searches a month for an item; if you happen to sell that item and no one else does, you want that business.

The long tail of search phrases will build traffic. You can not count on 80% of your traffic coming from 20% of your top used keywords based on readings at Google. Because competition for highly used words is so big, long tail marketing makes perfect sense.

If you are an Adsense publisher, imagine how many more relative ads you could display on all of those new low competition keyword pages. It is the total searches from all of those less used words that make using them worthwhile.

Create your content with a broader base of keywords to see the effect. Watch your site stats and be amazed at all of the new search terms you’ll be found with. Many will tell you more content or more products would be easy to market.

With search engines today it is all about content and keywords, and Google flat out says so in their webmaster guidelines. Long tail marketing is real easy with search engines. All you have to do is know the words people use.

To Your Success
Cody Moya

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Earn Money with Google Adsense and WordPress

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If you have been considering a business in online marketing using Google Adsense then you should consider using WordPress as a basis for your site.

WordPress is a blogging platform that can also be used as a Content Management System (CMS). Getting content online with WordPress is quick and easy, and managing your content is a breeze.

WordPress has an administration panel known as ‘dashboard’ which allows you to write and manage posts and pages in a simple word processor like fashion. Dashboard also allows you to manage categories and all other aspects of your site.

The really great thing about using WordPress as a basis for your Adsense website is how customizable it is. Many thousands of different templates (or ‘themes’) are freely available to WordPress users, and many of these include Adsense blocks in optimal positions for maximizing your click through rate. This means that creating an Adsense website can be as simple as uploading an Adsense ready theme to your server. This leaves you with more free time to concentrate on writing quality content for your website!

Some WordPress themes that include Adsense ad units and link units are also Search Engine Optimized (SEO), which means that the pages of your site are constructed in the best way possible for search engine spiders, and also the pages are interlinked in such a way as to ensure the search engines can reach all pages of your site in the correct manner.

WordPress also ‘pings’ many services for you through pingomatic each time you create a new post. This alerts the search engines to the fact that you have created new content and tells them to send the search engine spiders out to index your site. RSS feeds and sitemaps can also be generated automatically.

As WordPress is a blogging platform it has built in functionality to allow visitors to your site to comment on the articles you write. This is great as it encourages user interaction and site ‘stickiness’. Another often overlooked advantage to this is that your readers are creating more content on your website each time they leave a comment!

Thousands of ‘plugins’ are available for WordPress – plugins bring extra functions to your site and are quick and easy to install. One super-useful plugin for affiliate marketers automatically turns words into links. It is easy to create a list of affiliate links and words that you would like them associated to.

WordPress is the Adsense and affiliate webmasters best friend!

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To Your Success
Cody Moya

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How to Benefit from the Audio Book Revolution?

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The world of audio books has been steadily growing since these unique literary vehicles were first introduced more than 20 years ago, and the technology has continued to grow and change as well. From the original books on tape to the audio books of today, which are as likely to come as downloadable books as books on tape, audio books have continued to evolve to meet the ever changing needs of readers and consumers.

Audio books are so popular in fact that many readers prefer them to the old fashioned paperback and hardback books, and it is certainly easy to understand their wide appeal. After all, audio books can be enjoyed anywhere, in the car, on the train, on the subway or even in the shower, making them much more versatile and useful than their paper counterparts.

What this means for the smart entrepreneur is that there are plenty of opportunities to profit from audio books. Whether you resell the works of other authors or create your own audio books focusing on your own areas of expertise, the audio book market is a very lucrative and wide ranging one.

When creating, marketing and selling audio books, it is important to make the audio books as user friendly as possible. The more user friendly your customers find your audio books, the greater the likelihood that they will become regular customers. If you fail to take the needs of the actual user of the audio book into account, you will not be able to succeed in the market, since one time sales may not be able to sustain the business long term. It is much better to aim for repeat sales, and the basis of getting those customers to come back time after time is to provide them with more value than they would have expected.

One of the keys to making the audio books as user friendly as possible is to provide the audio books you sell in a variety of different formats. When the first audio books hit the market more than two decades ago, almost all of them were sold as books on tape, but these days consumers have a great many more choices. When the audio CD first hit the market, audio books quickly adapted the CD format to their needs, spurred on no doubt by the rising number of CD players in cars and trucks.

These days of course the hottest format is that of the MP3, and MP3 format is used not only for downloading our favorite songs but for downloading all kinds of audio information, including audio books. The MP3 format lends itself quite well to the world of audio books, and every audio book seller, creator and marketer should be sure to offer this downloadable format.

It is important as well to offer audio books in a variety of different subjects. The number of subjects you focus on, and the variety of products you sell, will of course be affected by the nature of your business, and by the makeup of your target audience. The world of selling and marketing audio books lends itself well to specialty markets, and this type of targeted marketing can be quite effective.

For instance, some sellers of audio books will focus their businesses on selling self improvement, sales training and other career development audio books to other entrepreneurs, and to business executives. This segment of the audio book market is one of the most popular, and most lucrative, and many audio book sellers have found success here.

It is important for the entrepreneur to thoroughly research market to determine which market best meets your own interests and needs.

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To Your Success
Cody Moya

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The Importance of Customer Service When Selling Ipod Movies

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In survey after survey of ordinary customers, the lack of customer service tops the list of complaints. More and more people are finding their customer service options limited, both in the brick and mortar world and on the internet as well. While this lack of customer service can be frustrating for many of us, for those who are able to provide top notch customer service the current level of dissatisfaction provides a great many built in advantages.

Providing the best in customer service can help smart brick and mortar and web entrepreneurs to benefit from the lack of customer service in the industry. Learning what your customers want, and how you can best provide it, should be the underpinning of any new business venture, no matter what kind of business you are running, who your customers are, or where your business is located.

When your business is selling movies designed for the Ipod music and video player, there are a number of important customer service considerations. It is important to consider all the customer service issues when setting up the business, and it is important as well to make the web site itself, and the process of selling those great Ipod movies, as simple and user friendly as possible.

When you first design and set up the Ipod movie sales web site, it is important to always look at it from the perspective of an average user. As the owner of a web based business, chances are good that you already have a great deal of web savvy, but your customers may not share your level of expertise. It is important, therefore, to provide your customers and would be customers with clear and concise instructions on how to download the movies to their Ipod video players, and how to play them once they are in place. It is a good idea to develop some sort of illustrated manual, complete with plenty of pictures, in order to guide your customers through the process.

Having the best customer service is one of those things that must be built into the web site from the ground up, not tacked on as an afterthought. It is important to provide several ways for your customers and would be customers to contact you, including email, telephone and instant messaging. Providing visitors to your web site with several ways to contact you is one of the cornerstones of customer service, no matter what the nature of your business or where it may be located.

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To Your Success
Cody Moya

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List Building through JV Giveaways

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As an aspiring Internet marketer or an Internet marketing guru, one of your main goals always remains constant whatever niche you may be catering to.

The goal is to build a large, targeted, responsive list of hungry prospects.

It has been said many times by many different marketing masters that the money is in the list. The reason being is that studies have shown that most people will buy from any particular sales strategy on or after the seventh contact.

It is for this reason that most savvy Internet marketers will employ an autoresponder (an email program that sends scheduled broadcasts at regular intervals automatically) to capture the names and email addresses of visitors to their web sites.

One of the biggest problems facing these marketers is traffic. Most often traffic generation can be an expensive proposition. Marketers should always be looking for inexpensive and, if at all possible, free alternatives.

There is one such alternative that has been gaining momentum in recent months that can greatly benefit anyone participating in it. For the most part these events are geared towards the Internet marketing crowd but if properly executed may be moved into any other niche.

So what are these events?

Free giveaways.

These consist of anywhere from a few to several hundred marketers banding together and offering one of their products for free to any one who joins the event as a member.

So how does offering one of your products for free benefit you, as the contributor? By requiring the member who wishes to download your gift to leave their name and email address in the autoresponder form on your thank you page, thus building your precious list.

These events are hugely important and beneficial.

By joining as a contributor you are labeling yourself as an expert, or at the very least a serious marketer because you have a product with your name on it. This builds name recognition.

It is highly important that your prospective customers see your name and possibly face at least a few times before you ever throw a sales pitch at them. This is an excellent way to get your name in front of a lot of targeted prospects.

Another reason these events are so big is that all of the contributors are advertising the giveaway. They do this because it is in their best interest to make sure that the event as a whole gets as many visitors as possible so that they too have a better chance of building a large list.

This dramatically cuts down on your own personal advertising costs because now you may have several hundred people sending traffic to the same event.

With a little skillful copywriting touting your product and a few email blasts to your list, through safelists and maybe a little paid advertising you can greatly benefit and see a tremendous impact on your list size and your bottom line.

How to get new, fresh and big list monthly without any work?

Click => Business opportunity leads to find out.

To Your Success
Cody Moya

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Starting Out In Affiliate Marketing

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Anyone who is willing to put a bit of effort into affiliate marketing can make an incredible income online. You don’t need a university degree to do well in affiliate marketing. The main ingredients for success are focused dedication and lots of enthusiasm.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t hurt to do some study so that you can learn from other people’s mistakes rather than go through them yourself. In addition, you are likely to pick up ideas that you wouldn’t have come up with yourself. There are numerous training products with great strategies to adopt. However, there are just as many which aren’t worth the paper they are printed on. One of the best ways to differentiate between the two is to look at what people who have used the courses are saying in some of the popular Internet marketing forums.

There are a wealth of different affiliate programs with large numbers of quality products, so it is fairly simple to set up multiple streams of income. Using the right strategies it is possible to have your business set up in a matter of days. The Internet gives you the opportunity to earn money and try your hands at industries that aren’t available to you in the ‘real world’. The key to choosing which industry or products to support lies in finding quality products, which are in high demand. However, when you are first starting out you should avoid markets that have intense competition (such as those relating to making money on the Internet).

ClickBank is one of the most recommended affiliate programs because it offers digital products with high commissions and is simple to use. With the right strategies there is a lot of money to be made with this program. However, most ClickBank affiliates find it difficult to make a few hundred dollars per month because of the level of competition. For this reason, it pays to search for other affiliate programs – there are many to choose from.

The reason that a large number of would-be online entrepreneurs are either unsuccessful or only partially successful is because they lack focus. They jump from one strategy to the next without mastering any. In affiliate marketing, the key to success is planning and focus. Take one strategy and concentrate on it for a set period of time, such as a month. If it isn’t returning enough then look for an alternative and spend time developing it. If it is working, then look at ways of making it even better. Most people want to ‘get rich quick’ on the Internet and fail. To make real riches you need to have a strategy, look to the longer term and stay focused.

To Your Success
Cody Moya

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Google AdSense Templates and the Importance of Ad Placement

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Many people have of course heard of the Google AdSense program, and some web site owners are no doubt aware that Google AdSense can be a great way to make a part time or even full time income on the internet, all with little of the work or hassle involved with running a traditional online or real world business.

Some of these web site owners may even be participating in the Google AdSense program. Many of these AdSense participants, however, are very disappointed with the amount of money they are making and indeed many may not even be seeing enough AdSense revenue to cover the costs of hosting their web sites.

That is because there is one critical factor, a factor which is so important that it is nearly impossible to succeed without understanding. This factor is that of ad placement, and those who have not mastered the fine art of Google AdSense ad placement will be hard pressed to make any significant income.

Studies have proven that the placement of the AdSense ads themselves can make an enormous difference in click through rates and revenue streams. The formatting and placement of the AdSense ads can make a great deal of difference, and it is essential for those web site owners who are serious about making a good living to learn as much as they can about the value of ad placement.

One of the most important concepts to understand when it comes to formatting and placing AdSense ads is that the ads should appear to be an integral part of the web site itself. Those ads that stick out from the surrounding web site are much less likely to be clicked, while those that appear to be part of the web site content itself are those that are most likely to get the desired results.

Formatting an AdSense ad properly involves many different factors, of course, and it is important for web site owners to understand how to format their ads properly. One of the most important things to keep in mind when formatting AdSense boxes is that those boxes should match the color of the surrounding web site. If the background of the web site is yellow, the background of the AdSense ad should be formatted to match that background color.

The font, font size, bolding and other formatting options of the AdSense ads should also be designed to match that of the surrounding web site. To the casual observer, the ads placed on the web site should not look like ads. Rather they should appear to be a part of the web site itself.

Many newcomers to the Google AdSense program make the serious mistake of placing those ads at the top of the page. While this can seem like a good strategy, many web users have become so accustomed to ads placed at the top of web pages that they barely even notice them anymore. Content at the top of the web site virtually screams “ad”, and many internet users simply tune out this part of the page.

Likewise, placing the AdSense ads at the bottom of the page can also backfire, since many casual web site visitors will not scroll the whole way to the bottom of the page, and if they do they may tune out the ads they see there.

A better strategy is to simply integrate those Google AdSense ads into the content of the web site itself. For instance, if one of the pages of your web site features an article on debt collection, placing an AdSense ad between two of the most important paragraphs of that article can provide a much better response rate than other ad placements. It is important for those who plan to make serious money with Google AdSense to be aware of the critical nature of ad placement, and to use these ad placement strategies to their advantage.

One great way to take advantage of the power of Google AdSense placement is to take advantage of AdSense optimized web site templates. These templates, like the ones found at
Adsense Templates website can be a great way to get your web site up and running, and allow you to start earning the money you deserve from this powerful program.

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To You Success
Cody Moya

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Why Having a Paid Membership Web Site is Important?

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When people first started looking at the Internet as a way to make money, one of the first ideas they seized upon was to repackage public domain information into new forms, and to sell those ebooks, either through specialized web sites, affiliate programs or even online auctions.

Even though this original idea can continue to work, there are better, and more profitable, ways to approach selling information products. The market for these information products is greater than ever, and it is possible to make an excellent living by setting up a paid membership web site offering others the opportunity to sell valuable information products.

The great thing about selling access to information is that it puts those who have such information to sell in a strong position. It is always better to be the person in possession of the information being sought than to be the person seeking that information.

While selling ebooks or other information products yourself can bring you a little bit of profit, as can providing an affiliate link to someone else selling such ebooks, these are one time sales. The person comes to your web site, or that of your affiliate, buys the ebook, and the transaction is over. You get your sale, or your commission, but nothing further.

There is a better way, however, and that better way is to set up your own paid membership site, where users can come month after month to get the ready to sell products they crave so much. The benefit of this approach, of course, is that you can receive a steady stream of reliable, predictable, and best of all, repeatable, income. You profit month after month, year after year.

The best part of this approach is that there is no shortage of people seeking these ready to sell products. By providing your paid membership with these ready to sell products, you can provide others with what they need.

A paid membership web site affords a great chance to bring this money in to your business month after month, year after year. It is hard to overestimate the importance of this recurring income to your business. Selling a one time product is one thing, and it can be a good way to bring in some cash. Selling a product, such as a paid membership to your web site, however, will provide you will a steady stream of income month after month.

It is this building of an income stream that is so important. Building a steady stream of income is the key to the success of any business, on or off the web. After all, if you do not know how much money is coming in, how can you ever budget for future growth or current expenses?

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To Your Success
Cody Moya

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Did StomperNet Work?

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You probably remember all the hype that flooded your in-box when StomperNet hit the scene 6 months ago.

“StomperNet THIS.” “StomperNet THAT.”

It was a feeding frenzy – email after email with claim after claim.

I mean, EVERY “Product Launch” these days promises some sort of Secret, or Competitive Edge, or Unfair Advantage. Those phrases are getting pretty tired. Tired, old, ugly, and annoying, actually.

It got to be a little ridiculous.

That’s why it was interesting to read the StomperNet sales letter. Instead of the (sadly) typical HEADLINE that says, “Discover how to make TEN MILLION DOLLARS during your next hair cut appointment”.

.or some non-sense like that, the StomperNet HEADLINE was:

— “This Space Intentionally Left Blank” —

LOL! That took some guts. I’ll give ‘em that.

But it doesn’t matter. Guts, Hype, Claims – none of it matters if StomperNet didn’t work.

So, did it?

You could ask Andy Jenkins and Brad Fallon, and of course, they are going to say “Yes”.

They’ll point out that StomperNet has added 8 Faculty Members, has held 2 of their planned 4 Live Conferences, they have 30 Paid and Trained Moderators in their forum, and over 50,000 Discussions in the StomperNet members’ portal.

But so what?

Any Cake can have good ingredients – Chocolate, Sugar, Frosting, More Sugar.

It’s how the Cake tastes – that’s what counts.

What I mean is, the only thing that matters is the RESULTS that people get from the information, not the information itself!

Look, the information provided through StomperNet has been Excellent. I’ve been inside the portal, listened to some of their Twice Weekly eCoaching Calls, watched the On-Going Video Training, and have even seen some of the 40 (it might be more than that) DVDs that they’ve sent to their members.


Did people who subscribed to StomperNet actually make any more money because of being there?

It’s been a whole “Semester” (As Andy likes to say) and by this point, there SHOULD BE members that have gotten REAL RESULTS from being in StomperNet.


One part of the StomperNet launch that I did like (I’m a sucker for proof) was the case studies. There were literally dozens of screen captures during the first StomperNet launch that showed REAL web sites from REAL members.

That was cool. You could actually go to the Search Engines, enter a Term or Phrase from the case study, and see the actual site RANKING for that search.

That was impressive because most Snake-Oil Gurus wouldn’t even DREAM of showing you their sites – and these were NOT Brad and Andy’s sites (They showed theirs too, but they SHOULD be ranking on the top, right?) – these were their customer’s sites!

Again, that took some guts.

But that was six months ago.

And in six months –
Search Engines change their voodoo.
Markets get more competitive.
Consumers get more sophisticated.

So, I asked Brad and Andy the question again:


Andy wrote back with a link to a video and said,

“Watch this.”

I replied “Oh, so you happen to have a NEW Case Study lying around to show me”.

He wrote back; “No Silly (Ok, so he didn’t say “Silly”), we’re re-opening StomperNet, and this is one example of the HUNDREDS of people that have KILLED it with StomperNet’s training.”

Here’s the link to the video:
Click Here To Warch Video

If you aren’t yet making as much money as you’d like to online and you think you COULD earn more if you learned more, then you’ve got to watch this.

I did, and here’s a guy who went from ZERO to $15,000 PER MONTH and he is NOT afraid to share his success to you.

– And he did it working only 2 hours per day! –

Kudos to anyone with that kind of “Help others on your way up the ladder” abundance-minded mentality.

It’s free to watch — you don’t even have to opt-in or anything — click the link below to see it while it’s available:

Click Here To Warch Video

So, 2 things here:

1. StomperNet is RE-Opening – after 6 long months under wraps.

2. If this Case Study is any indication of how GOOD StomperNet turned out to be then.

— StomperNet DID work – like a Champ! —

This is a NEW CASE STUDY from a real, current StomperNet member. I have never seen a customer so NOT afraid to share his success.

Click Here To Warch Video

In his video, he’s going to tell you how he increased his Opt-In Rate by 400%!!! And how he gets 1 out of every 4 customers to buy from him AGAIN!

Oh, and by the way, this is an eCommerce Store that’s just 4 months old.

Don’t miss it.


Cody Moya

P.S. I just got another message from Andy. They’ve got a LOT more Case Studies that they’re posting for review. And it looks like there’s some sort of CRAZY offer they’re going to make to NEW StomperNet customers. Stay Tuned!

P.P.S. Make sure you watch that video – This StomperNet member went from Zero Dollars (he started from Scratch) to $15,000 A MONTH in sales.

Click Here To Warch Video

P.P.S. I forget to mention that I am member of Stompernet and I have my own case study for you too.

Check my case study now

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I am number #1 and #2 for “marketing internet” keyword phase on top of 520,000,000 other websites.

You will also see huge monthly bonus you will get from me if you get Stompernet from my link when stompernet re-launch May 3rd.

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