5 Reasons why newbie internet marketers fail

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There are many reasons why menu of people new to Internet Marketing fail. Here are 5 of them I think are most common.

1. Newbie often set unrealistic goals for themselves. Set goals for yourself that you can easily attain. By setting and achieving reasonable goals, you build confidence in yourself and your abilities. This allows you to confidently set ever-increasing goals that you can regularly meet.

People who set unrealistic goals often fail in Internet marketing because they get discouraged when they do not achieve their goals. After getting discouraged month after month, they often believe they cannot succeed and they stop trying.

Don’t let this happen to you.

2. Newbie marketers often lack a unique product. If you want to be really successful in Internet marketing you need a unique product that you can call your own. Having a unique product allows you to use the power of affiliate marketing. Having hundreds of marketers actively promoting your product allows you to multiply your efforts on a huge scale.

Tip: If you currently do not have your own product use Private Label Rights but NOT like almost everybody is using. Most people just upload ready made resell sales letter and download and that’s it. This is not enough to call it your product. If you want be unique you MUST really re-brand it.

Change name, order new graphics for product (around $97) and change sales letter enough to be not recognized as the same. After you are done with is you have product unique enough. Almost nobody will be able to tell that this is not your original product.

3. Many newbie marketers often lack commitment to success. If you want to be successful in Internet marketing you have to make a commitment to becoming successful.

This means setting time aside each day for your Internet marketing activities and, more importantly, performing those activities each day without fail.

You cannot expect to achieve any level of success in Internet marketing if you can’t commit yourself to doing the very things that you need to do to be successful each and every day without exceptions. It’s that important.

Is somebody tells you that after you buy and then you do not have to do anything this is plain simple B.S. Of course having ready product drastically lower your work load but you still need to do something and this something is work on marketing product, get links to your website, and such.

There is always something to do to make it better. So you really must be persistent. This does not have to be more than 1 or 2 hours per day if you do it part time but you must actually work this time, not loosing time of forum unless you are marketing there.

4. Newbie sometimes gets caught up in the details. It is important that you know what kind of tasks you are good at. Don’t make the same mistake that countless other Internet marketers make of trying to do everything yourself. There are places online where you can hire inexpensive help, on a per project basis, to perform the tasks that you are not an expert in.

For instance, if you are good with graphics programs, then go ahead and do your own graphics. Otherwise, contract the graphics out and spend your valuable time doing something you are good at. The same can be said for web design or copywriting.

The point here is that you do what you do best, and you can inexpensively hire others to do the rest. You won’t believe how inexpensive it can be and how fast you can put it all together.

5. People starting up in marketing sometimes plan themselves to death (paralysis by analysis). If you want to be a successful Internet marketer, at some point you will have to put a plan into action. Once you have formulated your plan you must be able to take the next step and put that plan into operation.

There are so many Internet marketers who come up with a good idea, formulate a plan and never put that plan into action because they constantly analyze and refine that plan – without end. This is called paralysis by analysis.

This is not to say that your marketing plan doesn’t need careful consideration and analysis. It does. At some point the analysis must stop and the action must begin. Don’t be afraid to take that first action. You will be amazed at how much easier each successive action becomes.

I have experienced ALL those mistakes when I was starting out. So save yourself the pain and avoid them.

To Your Success
Cody Moya

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Rant, answer to who am I, and how I got where I am now

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I am starting this blog with answer to who am I and how I got where I am now

I have received many questions from my subscribers when I will start blog with my tips and advice I am regularly giving by email.

So…here we go

First of all I will be writing from my own experience. You will NOT get some theories or guesses. You will get hard proven facts which I tested to work.

English is my 2nd language so you will see many grammars error so do not post replies like “your grammar is bad”, I already know it.

But that does not matter. There reason you are here is to get tips and advice from person who learned internet marketing from school of hard knocks, street fighting and jungle survival.

You will not hear nice things only here.

You will hear from me what I think is B.S. too so if you can not stand negative things I think this blog is not for you.

Let me start from first B.S. I experience myself for last 1.5 year being on countless internet marketing seminars.

There so many self proclaimed gurus that you would not believe. I can tell you that most of speakers on general internet marketing seminars are not worth to even spend time to listen to them.

Those people are standing there in front of the room which makes them the obvious experts and they broadcast B.S. They sound so convincing while talking that sometimes it is really enjoyable to here to them and watch the show.

They “show” is sometimes really entertaining so you can spend good time watching it, problem is that it is completely useless in most cases.

Not long time ago I was sitting at seminar room listening to them and I could not believe what B.S. they try to push sometimes. The worst part is that people are not able to differentiate who is for real, fall for it, spending thousands on worthless things.

People feel good while buying the package on seminar but after a few weeks what they bought end in garage because there is not any real value in it.

Some of speakers are making most money selling from stage not from internet or they make money just to cover their living expenses.

Do not take me wrong. This is good that people make enough for living expenses and I wish all the good for them but why would you try to learn how to make good money from people who do not know how to do it for themselves.

Do you think I will be popular between for self proclaimed gurus after writing that.

You bet, they will not like me at all … and you know what, I do not care what those gurus think about me.

Ok enough about self proclaiming gurus. I wrote about it because I’m fed up with seeing nice, regular individuals like you being scammed right and left.

Back to today’s topic

Let me answer common question which is who am I and how I get where I am now.

Well I have never reveled whole story until today.

I was a little bit shy to share how bad it was at the begging but now I think my story may actually inspire you when you will see how low I started but still I made it.

Here we go.

When I first came to the US, I didn’t even have a place to sleep. That’s right, I was practically homeless.

I say “practically” because before I came to the US I exchanged emails for a few weeks with total stranger. This stranger had an old beat-up trailer at a trailer park in Florida and though I only knew him by email, he agreed to let me sleep in a tiny spare room in his trailer.

The room was so packed with all kinds of old dusty odds and ends that I could barely squeeze in and find a place to sleep. But sleep there I did.

Eventually, I tried to get my own trailer but I didn’t have anywhere near enough money. After searching extensively, I found a very old trailer for $900, which I could pay $50 a month for but when I went to the trailer park administrator to see where I could park my trailer, he kicked me out because I didn’t have enough money to pay for the site deposit.

So back I went to the tiny, dirty room filled with odds and ends where I had to sleep curled up in a ball because there wasn’t even room enough for me to stretch out my legs (I am 6’5’’)

It’s from this inauspicious beginning – from being almost homeless and not being able to get my own trailer in a trailer park – that I rose to my current status as one of the Internet’s most successful marketers, who’s sold $2,156,745.94 worth of products online last year.

I do not write to brag. I write it to show you that everything is possible.

I knew from a very young age that I didn’t want to be like my father who it seemed spent every waking hour working. I can remember him getting up early and trudging off to work and I can remember him coming home exhausted only to eat dinner, go to sleep early and do it all again the next day.

I knew that kind of life was not for me. I wanted the dream! To be frank, I wanted to be wealthy. I wanted to have a huge 65” LCD HDTV, a large house and a sporty $100,000 car. To achieve this goal, I moved to the US, the land of opportunity, where I tried a variety of different things but nothing worked.

I started to believe that I would never find the right thing for me and I became very depressed. But it was at this time, just when things seemed their bleakest that I realized the Internet could offer me an opportunity to earn the income of my dreams!

I decided to give it a shot but in all honesty, I knew very, very little about it and due to my living expenses I couldn’t afford to spend any money – not even a single dime – on any of the big guru books that supposedly tell you everything you need to know to easily make money on the Internet. Many of those books sounded pretty fishy anyway, and I just couldn’t afford to take a chance of losing what little money I had.

So what did I do?

I learned by trial and error. It’s not an approach I would recommend to anyone. Too many try it and too many fail as it can quickly wipe out your money and leave you broke. But, whether it was because I was good, lucky or a little of both, I managed to succeed online.

But I’m being too modest, the truth is I managed to build an Internet empire that consists of a variety of websites producing multiple five figure incomes each and every month!

I have literally gone from being $63,000 in debt with no valuable assets whatsoever to having a large house with that huge 65” LCD HDTV and drive sporty $100k mercedes convertible that I always imagined. And I’m able to afford all of this while only working when I want to – which is very rare more than a few hours a day!

I can spend all the time I want with my family. I can take them on wonderful vacations. I can buy them expensive gifts. Just a few years ago when I was living in that spare room in that old run-down trailer, I never dreamed I would be able to afford to do all of these things. But I can!

That’s it. This is how bad it was at the beginning and where I am now.

No matter how bad your financial situation is now, you can make it better and change things around like I did. So keep trying, when you fall stand again and again – stand tall always.

Cody Moya

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